Thursday, May 6, 2010

Thursday's Tutuorial - Bird Bath from Dream Book

This Thursday is a double whammy for not only am I sharing Thursday's Tutorial but it comes from a project I featured on Dream Book - Mother's Day Edition thus resulting in a Dream Book Experiment.  I'm thinking I may need to change my blog name from Texas Monkey to Monkey See Monkey Do since basically I just see amazing ideas you come up with and go and try them out myself, see, Monkey See Monkey Do. 
For Mother's Day I decided to make my Nana a bird bath that I saw over at The Darling Diva.  Once I saw this I knew I wanted to do something similar for my very special Nana.  My Nana has many bird houses, humming bird feeders, and a very large and HEAVY cement bird bath.  So I thought a handmade one made by her very favorite granddaughter (it's OK to say that I'm her only granddaughter) to add to her collection. 


This is very cost effective and so easy to do.  First grab your supplies:

  • Spray Paint

  • Glue (Gorilla Glue or E6000 will work great)

  • Bowl (size to your liking)

  • Platter (size to your liking)

  • 1/2 inch threaded cast iron pipe (I used 4 ft long one)

  • 1/2 inch cast iron flange

  • Water

  • Bird Seed

  • Rock
Apply your glue to your flange and adhere it to the bottom of the platter.  Make sure you center it.


Now place something heavy on top of it while it dries.
Spray paint your pipe (and plate and bowl if desired)

Adhere your bowl to your plate with your glue of choice and let dry.


Hammer your pipe into the ground using a rubber mallet and small piece of wood then screw on your bird bath.

Add water, rocks so the birds have a place to perch into the bowl and birdseed onto the plate.  If you're ghetto like me and don't have any birdseed but need to take a picture for your awesome readers then simply use crushed up crackers!  Yep, that's how I roll, anything for my readers. :)


Enjoy watching your little bird friends enjoy a bath and good meal. 
Rod = $8
Flange - $4
Plate = $1
Bowl = $2
Glue and spray paint I had on hand
Total = $15.  Not bad considering I've seen bird bath's for $100's and my Nana will love that I made it for her and not just bought it. 

Happy Thursday Ya'll.
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