Thursday, September 30, 2010

Jungle Themed Baby Shower

I had the honor of hosting my cousin's baby shower a few weeks ago and I wanted to share some of the details with you. 
I went with a Jungle Theme based on her nursery for their upcoming little boy who is due in just a few weeks.  This way she could reuse some of the items if she wanted.
I designed the invitations myself and we used mainly brown, yellow, orange, and green for the colors.

Nicole with The Two Savvy Sisters provided me with a custom made jungle themed party package which I then printed and used for decorations as well as she made the banner and sent to me.  She has great prices and does amazing work so check her out for your next party needs.

On to the shower.
For centerpieces I spray painted some pots and added wooden animal cut outs with flower foam and wooden sticks, a little bit of ribbon and called it a day!  I used one on one of the food tables and one on the mantle.


Speaking of mantle, this is where I hung the adorable sign that said Wild About Caleb.

I used a few tissue Pom Pom Flowers and Chinese Latern Balls for added decor and color around the home.

For games we did the Baby Animal Name game as well as guess how many M&M's were in the jar.  I also set a timer while the mommy to be was opening her gifts and when it went off whoever's gift she was opening got a prize. 

Nicole provided the printouts for the prize tags, cupcake toppers, waterbottle labels, and thank you tags.

I'll leave you with a few LOT more pics to look at.  I did make the cupcakes, the pom pom flower tree, diaper cake, cupcake stand, and dipped pretzels.  The other wonderful hostess ladies made the yummy sandwiches, muffins, bread, and fruit and veggies.
I used some of Monkey's stuffed animals all around as decorations to go with the Jungle Theme and yes that is a picture of me getting the Cowboys game updates on my phone during the shower. :)  Some other jungle touches were I bought animal print material and animal print bandanas to use on tables and I used these animal print ABC's and 123's and framed and gave to the mommy to put in the nursery.


Hope you enjoyed the pictures, I enjoyed planning and putting the shower on for my beautiful cousin!  Happy Thursday Ya'll!

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Have You Ever Wondered What Your Child Will Be?

Sometimes when watching my child do various daily activities I will find myself day dreaming of what she may be when she grows up. I do this so often that it's lead to me to watch how other children behave or respond to situations and coming up with what I think they will be and so here's a list that will help you figure you what your child will be when they grow up. (Please note this is for humor purposes and not intended to actually use as a guide for determining what school to send your kids to. :) )
If your child has a habit of drawing on your walls with markers and crayons or pens and well anything that will leave a mark, don't punish them, embrace their passion for they may be the next Picasso.

If your child has the habit of jumping all over your new furniture with their shoes on regardless of how many times you tell them to stop, don't threaten another time out, instead envision them as CEO of a top company climbing themselves to the very top, stepping all over who they need to in order to get there.

If your child has the habit of whining to get what they want, don't be alarmed or frustrated. Instead encourage them to practice that whining and one day they could whine their way into receiving the final rose on The Bachelor in 2020.

If your child has the habit of yelling at you or others to get his way, well don't go all postal on them quite yet, instead realize they are just practicing for becoming a parent themselves. I kid, they are practicing becoming a lawyer. Can't you just hear your little one yelling "OBJECTION!"

If your child has the habit of speaking for others, although this can be quite annoying, have good faith that it could mean your little one is on his or her way to being the next Nancy Grace. Ok, maybe you want to stop that little habit now before that happens. :)

If your child has the habit of constantly finding your cookie stash, well first you need to find a better hiding spot and 2nd of all take pride in knowing your child could be the next David Caruso or Gil Grissom.  Another words a detective solving crimes, and if you ask me someone constantly getting into my cookie stash is a HUGE CRIME! :)

If your child has the habit of taking too much, not sharing, and complaining he didn't get any or enough then well maybe he has a tape worm?  But if not then I'm thinking he has a future job in politics or just working for Big Brother all together.

If your child has the habit of walking into the house and dropping their coats, shoes, back packs, toys etc or just leaving a trail of these items from here to Tin Buck Two then have no fear, your child is going to make a great husband some day!

If your child avoids admitting the truth to you by asking questions or perhaps by changing the subject all together then you are winner winner chicken dinner, your child will grow up to become the next President of the United States. :)

If your child is constantly telling the dog (or younger siblings) "NO MAM, do you want a time OUT!?" then congratulations your child is practicing becoming you or in this case me, a MOM with a child who kind of likes to do things her way. :)

So the next time you've had it with your misbehaving children or just fed up with it all, stop and look at what their habits are and ask yourself, HMM, I wonder if this means my child is the next George Washington.  And then ask yourself, Did Washington's mom ever put him in time out? 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll.

All About You Features

The Party is still going on, it'll stay open until Friday so keep posting your costumes or any craft project you have.  I wanted to highlight a few but go check all of them out, there are some very talented ladies out here in blogland.

First how cute would your monkey be as a traffic stop light for Halloween?  This would be great to even use year round for games and learning colors.  Mag at Craft with Me sells them in her Esty store. 

I just love Lemon Tree Creations, she has great stuff in her Esty store, awesome tutorials on her blog, and she's just so talented and I love this Cupcake Costume she shows us how to make, what's even greater is it's NO SEW!  Hello, speaking my language here.

And because every Super Hero needs a mask, Susan at Living with Punks is showing us how we can make our own Bat Masks. I know quite a few little monkies that would love to have one of these masks to play dress up in!

Keep those costume posts coming and don't forget to enter to win the Halloween Party Package!

Happy Tuesday Ya'll.

Monday, September 27, 2010

All About You Monday - Halloween Costumes & Giveaway

All About You Monday, Show Share and Tell with Texas Monkey!

Texas Monkey

But first how about a giveaway?  Since we're doing Halloween costumes you're going to need a party to wear those costumes to right?

Tommie from Oh My Gluestick is graciously offering one reader her Halloween collection. Wow!  Everything you need to get you started on planning an awesome Halloween party.

This collection includes:

8 party circle designs

4 foldable buffet labels

2 8" door signs

1 "Happy Halloween" banner design

1 baggie tag design

Happy Halloween Printable Party Collection -On Sale through Sept 15-

So how do you enter?  Pretty easy, you'll just need to like Macaroni Kid on FB if you haven't already and leave a comment HERE in our giveaway section to enter you then just leave me a comment on this post letting me know you've done so.  That's it.  Winner will be announced next week and will have 48 hours to respond. 

So are you ready for All About You Monday Link Up?

  • Link up a post that has to do with Halloween Costumes. Pictures of what you are working on, Projects you want to complete, favorite Halloween Costume, a contest you won, etc.

  • OR Link up a craft post that you've done or been working on

  • Grab the All About You Button

  • Enjoy learning more about fellow bloggers by commenting on their posts.

  • If you decide to follow me be sure to let me know so that I can follow you back!

  • Come back next week where the theme is All About Pumpkins and Pumkin Patches
To me the most exciting thing about Halloween is coming up with the costume for that year.  I can not really sew to save my life but I also don't want to buy a costume from warehouse type store.  I like costumes to be unique and homemade, even if it's decorating a cut out box, I enjoy that over a store bought costume any day.  But since I can't really sew I am limited on what I can make.  (I should really take some sewing lessons.)
This year Poppa and I won't be dressing up, just Monkey and I usually do 2 costumes for her, one for her to wear to school and then one for going to festivals and trick or treating.  I won't reveal her costumes for this year yet but I will show you what I've made in the past as well as some orders I've done and sent out in the past few weeks.
Her first Halloween she was just a few days shy of being 3 months old.  I made her a chicken costume and we went as Farm Living.  I just attached white feather boas to a onesie and hat, dyed white tights yellow, and made her feet out of kitchen cleaning gloves. 
She's not crying, she's just clucking. :)

Last year for Halloween she went as Snow White to school and then Poppa and I were outlaws and she was the Sheriff. 

You will have to please excuse and forgive the poor picture quality, most of these were taken with a camera phone or a crappy point and shoot, don't worry I'm getting an SLR soon! 

Prior to having Monkey we always dressed our Fur Baby up for Halloween.  The first year he went as a Turkey and won 1st prize at Petsmart and got a free groom and gift certificate.

The next year we dressed Maximus and my Nana's dog Dantes up as Thing 1 and Thing 2 in the nation wide Pet Co contest online and they won first prize, a year supply of dog food! 

And here is a Pumpkin Princess and Ghost Princess I did for a customer.  She's adding a white onesie with googlie eye and white leggings to the Ghost Princess to make it complete and she's adding an orange onesie and green leggings to the Pumpkin Princess to make it complete.  I also have a ladybug, poodle, peacock, skunk, and another snow white in the works for customer orders so if you are needing one email me for a custom costume!

So let me see your Halloween costumes, past or present, ideas, or suggestions.  And don't forget next week is all about the pumpkins and pumkin patches.

Happy Monday Ya'll.

Friday, September 24, 2010

For You Friday - Halloween Party Package Giveaway from OMG

Well before you know it, Halloween is going to come and go and we'll all be scratching our heads wondering where the time went.  I don't want you to get left standing on Oct 31st wishing you would have thrown a party for you and your friends or for your kid and their friends so to make sure you are prepared I've got the perfect giveaway for you. 

Oh My Gluestick, or OMG for short is one of my favorite party planning places and she's a mom that knows how to do a party the right way!

I introduced you to OMG last month and since then I've enjoyed seeing so many ideas she has come to life in her unique packages. I could ooh and ahh over her stuff all day and love browsing in her shop.

I mean look at this adorable Sock Monkey Invitation, you know I love anything Monkey!

Mod Sock Monkey Girl Baby Shower Printable Invitation

She puts total packages together like this fun Sock Monkey party.

Sock Monkey Party

Her cupcake toppers are top notch!


And with her printables, the ideas of use are endless. 

Now, onto you winning.  Tommie is graciously offering one reader her Halloween collection. Wow!  Everything you need to get you started on planning an awesome Halloween party.

This collection includes:

8 party circle designs

4 foldable buffet labels

2 8" door signs

1 "Happy Halloween" banner design

1 baggie tag design

Happy Halloween Printable Party Collection -On Sale through Sept 15-

So how do you enter?  Pretty easy, you'll just need to like Macaroni Kid on FB if you haven't already and leave a comment HERE in our giveaway section to enter you then just leave me a comment on this post letting me know you've done so.  That's it.  Winner will be announced next week and will have 48 hours to respond. 

Become a fan on OMG's Facebook page for updates, giveaways, and other exciting stuff:

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Adding Pumpkins To Your Home

I don't know about you but here in Texas once August 1 hits most of us are ready for cooler Fall temps.  Of course we don't usually get those until oh say December but anything below 106 is usually welcomed with open arms.
Sometimes it's hard for me to bring my Fall decorations out when it's still so warm outside but leave it to blogging talented mommas posting their decor having me running to the garage and pulling my stuff out.  Of course those posts and pictures really just have me wanting new stuff or even to get crafting and making some eye candy but until I can get the free time to work on stuff for myself I must drool over pictures of things you have done instead.

For many many inspiring ideas, you can click HERE on the All About You Party Link UP where the theme was Fall decor.   But this post I wanted to focus more on pumpkins.

Are you having a party and need a way to keep drinks cool?  This is awesome, it will be a conversation piece I promise you! You can read about it HERE at Southern Living.

Good Housekeeping always has some pretty amazing and fun ideas and for those not fans of carving then you'll love their ideas of decorating without carving.  Like using ribbon, or washable markers, or paint!  These would be fun to do with your kids.

Poetic Home has me jumping up and down for this way of decorating with pumpkins.  Tacks!  Are you kidding me, how awesome is this!  And I love the stacking of them in the glass container. 

And I love the Monogram Pumpkin that The Lettered Cottage shows us how to do.  This is stunning!

The Simpler Life shows us how to make a Pumpkin Topiary that would be oh so cute on my front porch, and well any porch for that matter!

Head over to A Little Bit of Sanity for this awesome tut and see how she displays her pumpkins!  This is so neat!

Well I hope that gives you a little inspiration and a few ideas of how you can add fun and wow to your home using just pumpkins! 

Happy Hump Day Ya'll.
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