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For You Friday - This One's For the Girls

It's once again Friday, and that means today is for you.  Friday's are reserved to show my readers love and tips, advice, and support.  Speaking of support, this week is for you and the girls, the cha chas, the ladies, the pillows, Thelma and Lousie, the Ta Tas, the sisters, whatever you call yours, those are the girls I'm referring to, the ones that need TLC and support via a good bra.  So let's discuss bras today shall we?  I promise you it will be worth your few minutes to read through this as it's not only stocked full of tips but it's got a little something extra for you and a little added humor bonus. 
Let's get started shall we? 
Bras are a staple to most women's wardrobe.  They can make us feel sexy, confident, even powerful, ok mostly the girls make us feel that way but a good bra helps.  We use bras as purses when going out I've tucked money, DL, cell phone, and gum in my bra.  We match bras to our panties and clothes. Heck I've seen some even bling out their bra. Most of us love a good pretty bra. 

BUT, Have you ever found youself stating one or all of the following at some point?  “the bra I have doesn’t give much support”, “the straps are digging into my shoulders”, “the band in the back is riding up” or “the underwire is cutting into my sides”?

There are so many little problems that the wrong bra can cause that it ends up being a big hassle when you’re trying to go about your day. And it doesn't matter if you’re a 32B or a 40DD, a 22 year old or a 57 year old, your bra problems are unlikely to go away unless something changes. And the only person who can make those changes is you.  I know change can be scary and unwanted but I assure you contrary to popular belief at least in this category if you're having problems change will be AMAZING!

So let's look at a few common bra problems. 

Problem: The Girls are bulging out of bra

If your girls sometimes bulge out of the top of the bra cup, then the bra cup size could be too small.  If your girls bulge out of the sides of the bra then you more than likely you need a fuller cup or a larger around size.
This leaves you a less than attractive lumpy appearance under clothes and if you’re bulging out, it’s often very obvious to other people that you’re wearing a bra that doesn’t fit properly. This is one of the most common bra fitting problems.
Try going up a cup size so that the girls are totally encased in the cups (e.g. if you’re wearing a C cup, try a D). Or perhaps you need a bra for fuller shapes in the size you are currently wearing.  If bulging from the sides then try going from a 34 to a 36 or a fuller cup bra that provides better coverage.

Problem: Bra cup Wrinkled and squashed

You may want to try one cup size smaller as if it's wrinkled and squished it probably means your cup is too large. However, if the wrinkling is only at the tip of the cup, this could mean that the cup size is too small because your breasts cannot fit into the cups properly – in this instance, try one cup size bigger.
You may also want to try a cup with fiberfill or a stretch cup to avoid this problem.

Problem: Bra Underwire sticks out or digs in

Bra Underwire can sometimes stick out, or more uncomfortably dig in under your arms. This is often a sign that the bra cup size is too small and your breasts are forcing the bra away from your body.
Try one cup size larger so that the wires lie flat against your body and fully encase your breasts. You might also want to try a non-underwire soft cup style.

Problem: Bra straps dig into shoulders

When the bra straps dig into your shoulders it can cause tension, piercing pain, strain and make for a very long and uncomfortable day and it could be a sign that the back size of your bra is probably too big.  Also make sure that you have the right cup size. A cup that is too small won’t support full figures and can create a lot of pull on the shoulder straps.
The main support provided by a bra should come from the strap around your back and not from the shoulder straps. If your shoulder straps are digging in, you are probably wearing a back size that is too big for you, so try going down a back size. Alternatively, you might simply need to loosen the shoulder straps. Wider or padded straps also might help stop the shoulder straps from digging in. 

Problem: Sagging Girls
It’s possible that your bra band and cup size are too big. When the band is too big, it can ride up your back, resulting in your girls being pitched downward. If your cup size is too big, your girls have more room to sag.  If you’ve been wearing the bra for some time, it might simply be that you need a new bra. 
If you have naturally sloping shoulders, this could contribute to slipping straps consequently allow more sag. If your shoulders are rounded and sloping, try a t-back or leotard-back bra, which bring the straps closer together in the back and help prevent strap slippage.
If you’re not already doing it, try a bra style with departing cups and / or an underwire. Try shortening the straps. This pulls the top of the cup upward, repositioning the breasts and minimizing any sag. You should also try to avoid stretchy fabrics.

Most all Problems stem from NOT wearing your size. And most all solutions consist of getting fitted and wearing the correct size. 

What's that you say? Oh you were fitted for a bra two years ago. Um does it still fit? If the answer is no then you're not alone.
While it’s great that you were measured for a bra two years ago, because of the changes a woman’s body can undergo over time, it’s recommended that you get your bra measured about twice every year. Did you have a baby in that 2 years, lose weight, gain weight, have stress, age, etc? More than likely you and your body went through changes, small or big and that can alter the girls even in the slightest and the slightest can change how your bra supports those ladies.
If you’re still wearing that same bra you bought two years ago, it’s likely to have stretched considerably and sadly …worn out.

So go get fitted again and show those problem causing bras to the door and show your girls some love with a new bra.  Oh and since you're getting a new bra how about some tips on taking care of it.
Home Weekly have but together some simple tips to keep your bras looking fresh and new

1.Wash your bra often so perspiration and body oils don’t linger. A bra will be worn next to your skin, so it’s essential that it’s free of dirt, sweat and grime.

2.Fasten the hooks on the bra before washing. This will prevent them catching on trim or on other clothes and place in a lingerie bag.

3.Hand-wash a bra to prolong its life. Use cool water and a gentle soap made for delicate fabrics

4.Place the bra in a lingerie bag if you machine-wash it.

5.Wash your bra in cool water on the delicate cycle, using a mild detergent.

6.Air dry your bra after washing.

Oh and since I said this would be worth your few mintues of reading and more than likely you are like me and in dire need of a fitting and a new bra then how about a $20 gift card to Victoria's Secret?!
Ok you talked me into it, it is FOR YOU FRIDAY after all.
So how do you enter to win? 
Simply become a follower if not already and in the comments section tell me what's your favorite bra, a funny bra story, an embarrassing girls story, a tip, a suggestion, what you carry in your bra, nything related to the girls or bras, just can't be a "I'm now following comment" I want to know you read this and what your thoughts are in order to be entered.  That's easy enough right? 

And since I promised some humor, spend another few minutes and watch Anita Renfroe give tribute to underwire. 

Happy Friday Ya'll.

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