Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Dear So and So

It's Dear So and So time, put out there what you wanted to say but didn't get to at the time.  I love these, it's such a stress release for me and I love reading yours, I've got some very funny readers!

Dear Mom of little boy that bites:
While I realize the biting is pretty common in older babies and toddlers and they usually grow out of it quickly and it's a form of expressing their frustration I do however think that it's up to you as the parent to work on this little issue at home.  My child has come home with bruises from being bit and although I get frustrated I don't get mad, not at the child or the school because I know they are working on it.  I wasn't mad at you either because I ASSUMED you were handling it at home.  Boy was I wrong, when Poppa and I witnessed you picking up your child and he leaning in and biting you on your neck and all you did was flinch and say ow, I was floored.  No wonder he keeps doing it, there are no instructions from you to not to.  You didn't tell him no, didn't tell him he hurt you, didn't ask him to stop let alone discipline him for it.  Perhaps you're approach is to not acknowledge it and hope it goes away if you don't give it any attention but if that's been your approach this whole time, might I suggest a different approach as this one does not seem to be working. 

Hoping your child grows out of it soon,
Monkey's Momma

Getting back finally to linking back with Post It Notes Tuesday with Supah!
So what's your Dear So and So this week? 
Happy Tuesday Ya'll.
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