Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Dear So and So

I really look forward to Tuesday's Dear So and So post because that means we've once again made it past Monday and one step closer to Friday!  Even better this week I'm off Thursday and Friday and going to the beach with my high school girl friends for our annual Mexia class of '96 girls annual trip, HOLLA!!!  This year we rented a beach house and just going to laugh, drink wine, and bake, yeah baby!  Anyways on to Dear So and So, you know, where I get to say what I really wished I could of said at the time or little love notes to someone special and by love I mean sarcastic and by someone special I mean someone who annoyed me, more than likely. 

Dear Bow Flex:
Stop it with the guilt trip already.  I hear you calling my name and do realize that you were made to be more than a mere dust collector or catch all bench but I'm really digging my 30 day Shred so until I bore of her I will continue to give you the cold shoulder.  Stop pouting though, you look really cute with my paint cans and tool box displayed on you. 
Getting it taken care of elsewhere, Me

Dear Customer:
I'm very thankful for your huge order recently.  But I did get a little annoyed after the 5th email the very next day wondering if your order had shipped yet.  On every page of my website/store it clearly states "Please allow 3-5 business days to ship"  That does not mean 3-5 days you will receive it.  I make these by hand at the time of order, do not keep stock and am sorry but not responsible for poor planning on your part of needing a bow yesterday and not ordering it until next week. 
Making things special and custom made for you, Me

Dear fomer employees:
I'm very sorry you were "laid off" but I have to ask, were you that shocked?  Coming in late and leaving early 4 days out of a 5 day work week is bound to raise flags, not to mention being hung over and taking naps in empty offices just looks bad.  I know lots of people who really need jobs and willing to put in the time and effort to keep them.  I wish you well but a little upset because now my work load just about doubled.
Annoyed but working hard, Med

Dear Lady driving a SUV Parked in Parking Lot

If you're just sitting in the car with the engine running waiting for someone, do you really have to take up two parking spaces up front? And not just by a little bit, either--you were blatantly hogging them, either that or you bought a car that you don't know how to drive. Thanks for making this momma have to park in BFE and walk in pouring rain toting my monkey simply because you don't know how to park. If you're going to do that, could you at least park further out in the parking lot?
Really annoyed and wet Momma

Dear Dude in the BIG Truck:
Than you for laying on the horn trying to tell said lady to move her butt up into one spot! Too bad she seemed to be completely ignorant of why you might be ticked.
Thanks for Trying
Wet Momma

Dear Poppa,
You rock, you didn't make the annoyed Dear So and So list this week actually you hardly ever make it, I need to keep a closer eye on you!  I'm very excited for your last night of class tonight but not excited you have to start summer classes in 3 weeks.  
The Wifey

Dear Monkey,
Stop being so dang cute and making Momma and Poppa laugh when it's probably something you shouldn't be doing which only encourages said cuteness.  You light up my world.
Momma that loves you to the moon and back.

Dear State of Texas
Really?!  I'm at a loss of words right now but thank you for continuing to show me that our decision to home school is the right and best decision for us.  All I can say is teachers, you have my upmost respect and my heart goes out to you. 
Feeling sorry for Texas Teachers, Me.

Dear Readers: 
You know you rock, don't have to tell you but you do!  I love every comment you leave and every post you write.  I so enjoy the friendships I'm making with each of you! 

So do you have any Dear So and So's this week?  I'd love to come read them!
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