Monday, August 3, 2009

A Monkey Themed Birthday Party

Well a year has come and gone faster than I ever imagined. I really wish I could freeze time but I will try to soak up every kiss, every hug, every milestone, every moment with our little monkey. Saturday was her birthday and birthday party and here is a picture heavy, very long post of the recap, maybe it will give some of you some party planning ideas for yourself.

My family going to the party.

This was her invitation which was glued to the back of a monkey face that we made.

We of course did a monkey theme with colors in pink, yellow, and brown. We did a mural on the wall of a little jungle scene and I hung her picture timeline on this.

2 posts were decorated to look like banana tress with monkeys and bananas hanging from them.

This was the table as guests arrived where they could sign a mat for her, write her a note for her time capsule, and turn into a monkey with a monkey mask.

This was the main food table with a homemade banner for the back drop. I also had balloons tied to bananas. I made the tissue paper pom poms and hung them over the tables.

These were the prizes for the games we played.
We made chocolate covered rice krispy treats in the shape of monkeys for the monkey walk and then various toys and goodies for feed the monkey.

This is a shot to show all of the balloons and pom poms hanging.

I did a Monkey's corner that was all about Casey Marilyn. Pictures, decorations from her room, her clothing over the year, baby book, etc.

I did homemade suckers from candy melts and decorated bags that were filled with banana flavored candy, bubbles, pencil, a beanie baby, and their photo frame that they decorated. I also had little loaves of banana nut bread for the adults.

I had a table set up where they could decorate their very own monkey photo frame.

Ok, here is where I have decided that from now on I will hire a photographer to come and take pictures of the party for me. I would love to have nice professional pics of my hard work but also to make sure that I get pics of evertything. I treid to make sure I did but I missed a lot of stuff due to hosting. Like the kids playing the games, I'm hoping someone got a few shots of that. It was so funny seeing the kids in action. WE had monkey walk, just like cake walk but with monkey feet. And we had feed the monkey. I painted a monkey on foam board and cut out the mouth and the kids tossed plastic bananas into the hole.

Once again I want a professional because a lot of my pics turned out blurry.

I had a big blow up monkey that guests could take their picture with and put in their monkey photo frame they made.

Did I mention that my family is full of monkeys?

My little monkey

FOOD and Cake
We served peanut butter and banana sandwiches for the kids and chicken salad sandwiches for the adults or actually they were labled as monkeywiches. There was chips, fruit kabobs, dip, monkey munch in cones, monkey juice with monkey cups, cupcakes in yellow, pink and brown frosting, jelly beans, and chocolate dipped marshmallows. Everything down to the toppers and labels was homemade, even the cake and stand by me, my aunt Sissy, and my mom.

I had a lot of fun decorating her smash cake. It was pink with fondant circles. I anticipated her really going after it as she loves to make a mess with her food but she just had a big lunch and we've never given her anythig sweet outside of fresh fruit so she really wasn't into it. She didn't seem to like it and made some funny faces which is fine with me because she will not be having anything sweet outside of fruit until her 2nd birthday. :)

She kept picking off the cirlcles and giving them to me. Oh and side note, this is her 2nd of 3 outfit changes. THe first was her brown party dress, then this cute monkey onesie, and then her birthday tutu, monkey bow and shirt for opening presents. I made the tutu and all of the bows.

I tried to feed her a piece of cake but she wanted to feed me instead.

I love this, she did not like fondant, but really who does?

She was done

She got so many wonderful and adorable things form friends and family. We are so blessed to have so many amazing people in our lives. She got a wagon from Aut Sissy and Uncle Bud and a train from Grams and a learn and ride horse from Aunt Kelly along with so many adorable items below.

She got so many cute outfits.

The party was great and I think everyone had fun, we sure did. Now I'm off to start planning for the 2nd one. LOL

A huge thank you to Aunt Sissy and Uncle Bud for all their help with set up and clean up, fixing us meals, and going and taking keys to my husband in Dallas.

A huge thak you to my mom for all her labor and help in making my vision for this party come to pass.

A huge thank you to Nana for her help making things and watching CM so we could work.

A huge thank you to Eric and Kristin for making sandwiches, cutting paper, hanging balloons, and all of the other little things you did.

A huge thank you to Kelly for coming 1st of all, and for set up and clean up and running errands and sonic trips. Stay away from the glue tape. :)

A huge thank you to all of the resources available on the web where I got so many ideas for his party and helping me put on this event with very little money spent.

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