Wednesday, May 19, 2010

So Many Pretties

I haven't shared with any of you in a while some of my recent work from my store.  I don't blog about it too often so if you're a new follower then let me introduce you to Texas Monkey Boutique.  I am very proud of my store and what I make and sell and extremly honored to have such a great client base.  I am currently in 3 different brick and mortar stores, wholesaler to another online store, do craft shows, and have many word of mouth sales.  I opened my website store almost a year ago just so customers could have a place to go and get an idea of what I make and sell.  My online store does not show everything I do or have done but my facebook fanpage shows more.  I specialize in custom orders and designs so that's why you may not see everything online.  I enjoy a mom sending me pics of an outfit and asking me to match it up in a style we create together.  I prefer my bows to stand out from the crowd and most moms prefer their monkey's stand out in a crowd so it's a win win. 
Recently I dressed a wedding party's flower girls.  I don't have pictures of two of them yet which were done in hot pink and black but do have some pics of the other two. 

The daughter of the groom wore an invory tutu dress with big ivory flowers and satin straps.  Isn't she a beauty! 


Here's another little flower girl, this tutu was bright yellow with a yellow headband and yellow daisy flower clip.

The next few pics are proofs from the photographer of a precious monkey who does pageants and really needs bows to stand out and compliment her outfits.  I'd like to toot my own horn here and say that I had only computer pictures of the outfits to go off of and try to match and the mom said it was like the bows came with the outfits they matched so perfectly.

And here's just a few fun shots of the pageant monkey.

Be sure to become a fan as I post things there that you won't see on the website, like these awesome zebra print daisy flower clips.  I have regular and pink, how fun is that?!


Or adorable bow flip flops.  Match any outfit with flip flops and a hair bow!

Also I'm sponsoring a giveaway at one of my all time favorite blogs so check back soon for the announcement on that. Maybe you will be the winner of some goodies from my store.

Thanks for letting showcase some of my recent work. I so enjoy doing it. Oh and did you know my readers receive discounts? Yep 10% off at all times, just enter in Friend at checkout time.

Happy Wednesday Ya'll.
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