Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Yay You Did It - Round 3

I continue to get pictures of dressed up cakes that you awesome readers have done and I get blown away by all of them.  I want of course to taste each one!  You should see the drool. :)  I received a picture from a sweet gal, Alecia.  She doesn't have a blog yet but she does have a cool cake website.  Sweet Sparkle Cakes.  You can imagine my surprise to see someone who does cakes already and even has their own site try out what I shared on this post.  Isn't this cake just devine! 
I'm so loving those chocolate dipped strawberries! 
On a different note, totally having photobucket issues and can't seem to be able to fix it, I deleted a bunch of photos to free up space and now it's like it locked me out, I can't even get to their main home page, says it's under mainteance.  I'm freaking out, annoyed, frustrated and all my pictures are missing and my blog looks like poo.  Thanks for letting me vent! (Got it fixed, yay!)
Happy Wednesday Ya'll.  Yeah Right!
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