Saturday, May 1, 2010

Dream Book Children's Edition

Before we get into this week's Dream Book I would like to invite you over to Jessica's blog at Mia Ma Miah's Diaries where she's featuring little ole me and my store Texas Monkey Boutique

Hop on over there and tell her hi!

And now for this week's edition.  If you're new here and wondering what Dream Book is, it's a post on ideas I find around blog land from some very talented ladies that I think I can do someday just may not have the time to do today so I capture the ideas here in Dream Book posts.  You know things I dream about doing. 

This week is full of children's ideas, I hope some of them leave you inspired as well.
With Spring apon us and summer quickly apporaching you may find your Monkey's closet full of winter stuff that still fits or even has tags on them.  Not quite ready to get rid of them yet?  Well then turn a Turtleneck to cute shirt in no time flat and get more use out of clothing and your money spent.

I'm constantly looking for cute ways to display Monkey's artwork and masterpieces without cluttering the fridge and stuffing them in boxes to never be seen again.  So you can imagine my excitement when I came acorss this Art Display Center as well as this Art Display.  Both are so simple and you can decorate them to you and your child's personality or room theme.

And what little girl's room doesn't need pops of pink?  Want to make something homemade? Then this Artwork for A Girl's Room is perfect and easy enough to let the princess herself help you make.

We don't have a play room in this house but when we move I hope to get a house that has a playroom/game room where I can also use as a school room since I plan to homeschool and when that day comes I so want to dress up the wall like this AAAAAmazing Dressed Up Wall and what's even better, it was only $13, yeah baby!

And last but not least I love finding ways to make learning fun and since Monkey loves learning and loves putting coins in piggy banks and blocks in buckets I think she will love this ABC's in a Can and I think you will love it too!  I can't wait to do this and by "I" I mean Grams. :)  Hey don't judge me she's the one with all the scrapbooking tools to do this with.

That's all folks, hope ya'll enjoyed it. 
Happy Saturday Ya'll.
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