Monday, May 10, 2010

Me Monday - Remembering Mother's Day 2010

Me Monday once again here at Texas Monkey.  I'm thinking I might need to switch what day I do this on because waking up on Monday morning to do anything is hard in itself, but to tell a story or share something about me is sometimes torture to my brain.  Only because it's not wanting to work like that, not because I don't enjoy doing it.   In light of Mother's Day yesterday, I want to capture my thoughts, memories, and pictures from my very special day. 
I think of Proverbs 31:10-31 anytime I think about what kind of woman, wife, and mother I desire to be.  We are our own worst critic so there aren't many days that I feel I live up to being a virtuous woman but I strive daily to achieve it.  I want nothing more than for my husband to and child to know without a doubt they can trust me and rely on me.  And this mother's day I felt honored and praised by both of them. 
Although time is going by too fast and I struggle with remembering little details of her being an infant/baby which blogging is allowing me to get better about but I must admit that I'm enjoying Monkey being a little older and partaking more in special occasions. 
This year at her school they made and decorated heart shaped cakes for us moms as well as decorated pots and planted flowers to give to us.  She really seemed to enjoy giving me my gifts and would repeat over and over "I Did It" "I Did It."  When we walk into the door and she sees my plant she runs up to it and claps and says I Did It!  I Did it for Momma.  Talk about melting the heart. 

Sunday we went to church as a family with my family and then had lunch and celebrated the moms with gifts and cards.

Poppa and Monkey each got me a card and she even signed it.  Poppa got me money to go in my Cricut fund while Monkey along with my plant and cake got me a gift card. 

When we got back home I got to get out and do some shopping for my upcoming girls weekend while Poppa kept Monkey then we all met up to eat dinner out.  When we returned home I walked in to laundry done, kitchen cleaned and floors vacuumed.  Needless to say I had a wonderful perfect Mother's Day.  On top of that I get to go Wednesday to have a pedicure. 

My Nana loved her Bird Bath I made for her, my Aunt loved her necklaces and my mom got showered with lots of goodies, money, and love from me and Monkey.  It was a great family day together. 


I can't get over how much she has grown and changed since last Mother's Day, I can't even imagine how much more she will change for Mother's Day 2011. 

I hope all the moms out there felt honored and loved for Mother's Day as well as everyday.
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