Thursday, April 29, 2010

Thursday's Tutorial - Ribbon Key Fob

Before we get to Thursday's Tutorial which are these adorable and fun key fobs, I'd like to get a little feedback or info from you awesome readers. 

First, I'm in search of a vinyl store/business to purchase a few wording and designs for my home.  I don't have a cricut although if Poppa is reading this then he knows what Momma would love for Mother's Day, well that and some new shoes that rock!  Anyways since I can't make my own I'd love to give my business to a fellow mom or blogger that is trying to build her business or make some extra money.  I could go to one of the big places but thought ya'll might know someone trying to get their name out there.  And if all goes well then I'd like to offer that mom/blogger space in my advertising section for 3 months for free.  So please let me know if you know someone. 

Second, while I have a few Thursday's Tutorials already done and lined up and have some ideas of tutorials to do there will quickly come a point where this gal just has brain fart of a week and will have nothing to offer my lovely readers and well we just can't have that now can we? 

So I'd like to offer any bloggers who have tutorials they'd like to have featured here to please contact me and if you don't have a tutorial but have something you'd like to see how it's done then send that to me too, if I can't do it myself then I'll find someone for you that can, that's how I roll people! :)

Ok enough business let's get to the goods.  We've probably all seen how to make key fobs so this basically is just another same ole same ole, just that it's my same ole same ole. 

Since I'm in the ribbon business of bow making I opted to use ribbon instead of making fabric pieces like most I've seen.  I made one of these for my mom and she used it at her school one day and send me 5 orders.  I also took these to my show this past weekend and sold all of them so needless to say people really seem to like these and they make great gifts. 

First gather your supplies:

Webbing 1.25" heavy Cotton (hot pink shown in the crappy pic below.  This should be around .75-$1 a yard, Etsy is a good place to get this)
Key Fobs (These should be around .35-.40 each, I buy mine in bulk from group buys but a lot of sellers on Etsy sell them for around this price)
Hand Towel
Tape Measure
Ribbon in color and print of choice smaller than the webbing
Heat N Bond Ultra Hold

I found this Etsy Seller, BAG Lady Of SC that sells it as a package which is perfect for making a few for friends and gifts.

Step 1:
Cut your webbing and ribbon to 10" (you may vary it depending on child or adult size)
With your lighter heat seal your ribbon ends. (This isn't a must but it's such a pet peeve of mine!  I can't stand going into stores and boutiques and seeing $20 bows for sale and the ends are not even heat sealed so I heat seal everything even if it won't be seen.)

Step 2:
Press a piece of 7/8" Heat 'n Bond to the WRONG side of your ribbon. Don't press it too long, as this is the point where you can disintegrate the glue. Make sure the piece has cooled before you strip off the paper- otherwise, you tend to take some of the glue with it.

Step 3:
Center the ribbon on the webbing and press it with the iron. Now you need to press it longer, as it takes longer to get the heat through the ribbon. Steam also helps.

Step 4:
Fold the webbing in half, with the ribbon showing on the outside. Stitch or hot glue the raw edges together. This just helps it keep from slipping when you attach the hardware. You can also trim up the ends and use your lighter to prevent any ragged edges, if you prefer. (I prefer )

Step 5:
Clamp the key fob end tip over the raw edges of the webbing with pliers. Use your cloth towel to prevent scratching the hardware, but unfortunately, that makes it harder to see what you are doing and you can end up with crooked fobs so be careful. Make sure you crimp the hardware as tightly as you can to the webbing.

Step 6:
Slip the key ring unto the hook of the key fob.

Step 7:
Stand back and admire your work.
Here are a few different patterns and sizes (made for both adults and kids) that I whipped up in a mater of 15 minutes.
Here are some other sites and pics that have made some to give you inspiration.

You can personalize them like I found here.

Use them to Raise Breast Cancer Awareness like I found here

Show your teacher your appreciation this year like this one found here.

Or even show your a fan with a sports themed key fob like here.
The possibilities for these little babies really are endless! 
Hope you have fun making one and be sure to let me know about moms or bloggers that sell vinyl and tutorials you have or want to see.
Happy Thursday Ya'll!

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