Monday, May 17, 2010

Me Monday - Girls Weekend

Well hello Monday you are NOT a sight for sore eyes.  You are however a sight for a tired and sore body.  Let me tell you why I'm so tired and sore, because I had the best girls trip ever this past week/weekend. 
First before I get into that I want to say that I'm playing catch up on all of your posts and blogs and I sure missed all my readers the past 4 days.  But we had NO internet, tv, and not much time on the phone so no blogging happened but I'm back and can't wait to get caught up with all of you. 
If you're new here Me Mondays are where I share about myself and things I'm going through, gone through, enjoying, working on, stories, memories, and such.  So today is all about my girls trip. 
Every year my best and closest girlfriends get together and do an annual trip over the weekend.  These girls I've known since I was 4, a few since 2.  We all graduated together in 1996, and now even though we see each other throughout the year it's usually not everyone everytime so once a year we make sure it is.  I love these girls, I can tell them anything and we can pick up right where we left off, it's comfortable and natural with them.  We laugh until we cry and we cry until we laugh together.  Oh and nothing goes better with crying and laughing than wine. :)
This year we rented a beach house right on the beach down in Galveston.  Three of us drove from the Dallas area, Two came from our hometown, Three came from Houston.  Two this year couldn't make it due to sick babies and work but they were missed. 

We arrived Thursday and left Sunday and although we had a few thunderstorms, it was just the perfect weekend.  We stayed on the beach or in the beach house the entire time except Saturday night.  We were hanging around the living room Friday night in our pj's playing games and laughing and talking when we realized when we were 17 were just now getting dressed to go out or sneak out and now here we are 15 years later and just wanting to stay in.  How time changes uh?!

It was so relaxing and just what I needed.  It's such a great thing to open your heart to your besties!  We all worship God, believe in love, know that a great marriage takes hard work, very involved in our children, but take time for ourselves and hobbies.  But we are each different in our own beautiful way that brings the combo to the table that makes our group so amazing and wonderful.  My girls are beautiful, smart, hard working, and loyal.  I love them all.  I hope all of you have a group or even one or two girlfriends that you can call your own and rely on through anything.  I am so blessed to have mine. 

I'm the one in orange 2nd from the left

I could go on and on forever but I won't bore you with ramblings but the reason I'm sore is because a few of us were cheerleaders so of course we had to do cartwheels on the beach and well this 32 year old body wasn't ready for that and I'm tired because we stayed up til 3 most nights and all night the last night and well once again this 32 year old body isn't use to that, but every sore muscle and tiredness I feel was worth it! 
Thanks for letting me share with you a little about my girls.  Do you have a group of friends you do something like this with?  I'd love the hear all about it. 

Happy Monday Ya'll.
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