Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Mother Day Gift Ideas

I had a deep and serious and meaningful post scheduled for today but if you're like me something light and inspiring seemed to be more fitting for today.  Just been one of those weeks so far ya know!?! 

So what's better than deep and meaningful?  UH duh, shopping people, shopping! 
With just 12 more shopping days left for Mother's Day I thought I'd post for you some fun and amazing ideas that your mom might enjoy receiving as a gift this year.   I have my aunt and Nana and Mother in law gifts already but I'm stuck as to what to get my mom.  My mom is the type of person you want to go all out for because she's the type of person that goes all out for you.  So just getting her a random kitchen gadget or framed picture just doesn't seem to measure up in my book, although she'd love nothing more than those items.  It's me that knows she deserves so much more but what?  I'm still trying to figure that out so if you have ideas feel free to send them my way! 

But on to ideas for you. 
Is your mom green or wanting to go green?  Then help her along with this Go Green Basket including the recipes for how you made them so she can continue staying green.  This particular basket is for cleaning supplies but you could tweak it to your mom's personality, spa, garden, cooking, all stocked with green materials. 
All moms love cards, the thought, the words, the images, but think how much more she'd love to receive this handmade Card in a Can.  And you probably already have all the supplies on hand keeping this a very inexpensive way to express your love for mom.

Most moms love to wear flower corsages to church on Mother's Day, why not have her stand out in this beautiful Handmade Corsage!

If Poppa happens to read this then he might find it beneficial to know that I'm a mom that LOVES girlie things like ribbons and pearls, oh who are we kidding Poppa doesn't need to read this to find that out, he's very well aware but he might not know that I love this beautiful necklace set made from Ribbon and Pearls, it just screams mom and girl all in one statement!

My aunt would love one a hand made Garden Flag.  This would look great in any mom's front lawn.

I love candle holders and candle sticks and I'm so digging the thought of making your very own Handmade Candle Sticks and it's a way of recycling and going green while being oh so chic in one step, how can a mom resist that? Seriously even if already did your shopping and crafting make some of these for yourself!

This beautiful and awesome little Bird Bath is exactly what I'm doing for my Nana.  She's got a HUGE one in her front yard but this one will be perfect to add near all of her bird feeders.  So pretty and so simple!

And since I make and sell these of course I think any mom would love them, Key Fobs are great gifts to hand out.  I did make one for my mom and gave it to her already, she took it to school and on the first day I had 5 orders for them to make!  She's great for doing my advertising.  See what I mean about a mom that makes you want to go all out for!
Would you like to make one of these?  Come back tomorrow for Thursday's Tutorial and I break it down for you.
So what are you doing to make your mom feel special this Mother's Day?  I'd love to hear about it.  If I featured you here grab my button.
Happy Wednesday Ya'll. 
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