Monday, May 24, 2010

Dream Book Clothing Edition

This week's Dream Book is filled with ideas to revamp clothing that you haven't worn in a while.  There are so many great and wonderful tutorials and ideas floating around blog land so I wanted to show you just a few of my favorites. 

Just like decorating I love finding an item in an overpriced store and recreating it myself for pennies on the dollar and this is just what Create and Delegate did.  She saw a tank at JCrew and did a  Ruffled Tank up herself.  So cute and so easy!

Welcome To The Good Life used inspiration from a sweater from Anthopologie and made an even cuter Ruffled Sweater for herself.

Over at I Make Stuff this talented gal was given some torn jeans and the freedom to do whatever she wanted for a friend of hers.  She took one pair of jeans and turned it into this Jeans to this Jean Skirt and then she took the other pair of jeans and dressed them up into these jeans.  How awesome is that!?!

And because I just love jean skirts then I thought you may too and wanted to show you another Jean Skirt done by Becky's Craft Closet.  The pattern ideas for doing one of these is just endless.

I'm so inspired to take some old clothes and dress them up and make them cute again, how about you?  Have you revamped some clothes and blogged about it?  Let me know and I'd love to add them to this Dream Book.
Happy Monday Ya'll.
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