Friday, May 21, 2010

For You Friday - Master Bedroom

Hey my wonderful readers and new friends.  Don't you love Fridays!  I sure do.  Today's For You Friday is all about making your bedroom a place to go for relaxation.  But before we get into that you know I've got some goodies for you right!!  I'm so excited to let you know that I'm sponsoring a great giveaway over at one of my all time favorite blogs, The Girl Creative.  I've gotten so many compliments on my blog layout and design and well folks this is the awesome and talented gal that did it up right for me so please go over there and tell her hi, hop on her New Friend Friday blog hop and enter to win $40 worth of goodies from my store Texas Monkey Boutique, and if that wasn't enough fun for you I've also included a discount code for you but you'll have to go HERE to find out what it is! 

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Master Bedrooms, our sanctuary, our cave, our escape goat from pressures and reality.  Your master bedroom should be a comfortable retreat where you can rest, relax and unwind after a busy “mommy” day. If the bedroom is well organized, it can become a haven and make it easier to enjoy the comforts of your room.

But let's face it, life is about living right and well sometimes living life can result in a room like mine, a cluttered room.  Bills are stacked up on the desk, the night stand becomes a catch all, laundry baskets with laundry to be put away hide in the corner, laundry baskets with dirty clothes screaming at me from all corners of the room, toys, shoes, a burnt out light bulb needing to be changed in the lamp, ribbon left out, oh you name it, my bedroom has it. A room like this can cause you to get very disoriented and stressed.   And I've been trying to figure out why is it my so called haven becomes the storage for items with no home, catch alls for clutter especially if I'm having company over and the last room to get cleaned or any focus on?  My theory is whether you're a working mom like myself or a SAHM like I dream to be one day, we are all managers of the home, meaning we take care of everyone else in the family leaving ourselves last, thus our sanctuary gets left out too.  Being a mom, a home maker, is a wonderful job, rewarding, humbling, exciting, and noble but taking care of ourselves needs to be a priority as well.  If we aren't taken care of, giving to ourselves, then how can we expect to have anything left to give to others? 

But by making just a few simple adjustments in our master room we can all achieve the AWWWW moment every time we step in that room.  Don't we all crave to have the one place where we can find solace with our spouse and some grownup time?
See the difference in the two pictures above, before and after.  (Note, this is not my bedroom but the before is a close resemblance with the clutter. :)
De clutter your room.  We all have clutter- books, papers, jewelry, pictures, etc.  If you don't love it or haven't used in the past few months then get rid of it, you won't miss it.

This is the picture I used for my guest room inspiration.
Try not to use under the bed for storage.  If you must, use well labeled containers that fit and keep them as organized as possible.  Under the bed is a dust bunny magnet so if possible find other storage areas to use. If there are things, like makeup, that you use all the time, why not find a better way to store them such as a pretty basket. You can always find inexpensive and decorative organizers that will fit into most any d├ęcor.

I love this room, love the Kelly green.
Multi-purpose Room:
If you are like me you have a small house which fits us and our need but there isn't extra rooms to house an office or craft room so the bedroom becomes a multi-purpose room.  Keep your desk clutter free and clear of paper and mail as much as possible.  Use file organizers and trays to keep them out of sight.  Keep your crafting table or sewing table as clean and clutter free as possible, use shelves, organizers and bins to store your items and label them.  You want to do your best to make sure this secondary purpose of the room doesn't overwhelm the first which is to be a haven to you and/or your spouse. 
Check out the before and after desk area I found on google.



Use double rods, vacuum storage bags, shoe holders, hooks, and bins to help keep your closet organized.  Hang clean clothes and put dirty ones in a hamper.  Keeping things off the floor will do wonders for your closet. 

Always make your beds.  It's amazing how making a bed in the morning will make a room look and feel so much more organized and cleaned.

15 Minute Clean Up:
Take 15 minutes and spruce up your room.
  1. Pick up all dirty clothes and put in the hamper
  2. Hang or put away clean clothes
  3. Vacuum or sweep and mop
  4. Throw away all trash that is laying around
  5. Grab a bag or basket and put all misplaced items in here to be put away later, IE: kid toys, hair brush, dog collar, etc.  Don't put them away now, just gather to be put away.
  6. Straighten surfaces like book shelves, lamp that is crooked, etc
  7. Make your bed

Making your bedroom a spa like atmosphere doesn't have to take big bucks or fancy decorations, it just takes a few minutes a day to keep it clean and organized.  Now come home light some candles and relax your day away.

Happy Friday Ya'll.
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