Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Yay You Did It!

One of my favorite and most popular posts to date is my Dress Up Cakes with NO Stress where I share how you can take the stress out of decorating a cake but still get the ohh and awww factor when you bring it out.  I love to bake and decorate cakes, I pretty much suck at the decorating part but I still enjoy doing it and wanted to make cakes look professional and great without hiring a professional.  This post generated so many comments (70 WOW, that's a lot for me), emails, and even pictures and posts of your very own little masterpieces.  To me this is one of the great perks of blogging, to have a reader see something you did and find inspiration and motivation to redo it them self.  I know that my blog is filled with projects I've done that I've gotten from you wonderful talented folks so you can imagine how honored and flattered I have felt having some of you do the same with my little cake how to. 
Monkey gets real excited if she does something like put her shoe on or sees you do something like put your shoes on and she jumps up and YELLS and claps "YAY YOU DID IT" or "YAY I DID IT" she gets tickled pink to see an accomplishment come to pass and that's exactly how I feel seeing these cakes so hence the title YAY YOU DID IT, but when you read it, be sure to yell it and clap, I'll know if you didn't. :)

Rachel at Mommy Topics did such a fun barrel cake adding bright colors and a step by step tutorial even teasing us with pictures of the half eaten cake.  She's a lover of peanut M&M's so she used those on top.  See how it's so easy to tweak it to you or the recipient's desire?

Midwestern Gone Idahoan made one for her dad, awww, and since he loves wafers she used that instead of candy bars, I love this twist and again it really shows the receiver you know them and love them!  Plus people thought she bought it and couldn't get over that she made it. 

Tori sent me these pictures, she did not 1, not 2, but THREE cakes, wow don't you want to be her friend!  And she too added a different element by using Twix, now that's a girl after my own heart, Carmel, chocolate, wafers, and cake OMG!

Jalinda at The Craft In Me went all out and did a sheet cake, she needed to feed a bunch of hungry co workers this did the trick!  It just yells goodness doesn't it!

I hope you enjoyed seeing how easy this process is and how fun it is to step back and receive so many compliments.  Did you make one?  I'd love to showcase it!  Grab my "I've been featured" button ladies. 

Happy Wednesday Ya'll.
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