Monday, May 10, 2010

Dream Book - Teacher Gift Ideas

Normally Dream Book comes to you on Saturday but our weekend was filled with celebrations and family time and this Momma just did not get around to scheduling this post and since I really have no content for Me Monday this week, maybe later, I thought I'd kick off this week with some great ideas I've found along blog land that you may find inspiring to give to those wonderful teachers as we approach the end of the year.
But first let's look at what not to get teachers.
(Disclaimer, this is only meant for humor, if you get this for your child's teacher I'm sure they will be very appreciative, as it's the thought that counts)
My mom is a 4th grade teacher and appreciates every gift and thought she receives each year but let's face it, like the elder aunt who gives strange gifts at birthdays, there's always some gifts to kind of snicker at.
Maybe Think Twice this year before getting your teacher:
  • A Coffe Mug:  While most teachers love coffee and if they don't enjoy soup or hot chocolate, let's be realistic, after even just 5 years of teaching, most teachers probably have received enough coffee mugs to open their own coffee cafe with.
  • A Fanny Pack:  While I understand that teachers have the summer off and it's a great opportunity to vacation and site see and be a tourist at random spots, no one and I mean no one should be sporting a fanny pack unless it's my Aunt Sissy who looks adorable in anything. 
  • Lingerie: Um if you think I'm kidding, I assure you I'm not, a single father who was in charge of doing the teacher's gifts presented his chid's teacher with this very inappropriate and awkward making moment gift. 
  • Teacher Themed knick knacks: I can't tell you how many countless teacher themed items I find while hopping from one garage sale to the next or how many shelves at thrift stores are filled with it.  I promise most teachers fill their classroom with what they like and then pass down the rest.  We hate to see another apple shape gift bite the dust. 
  • Chicken Soup for The Teacher's Soul Book:  Since more than likely it's her 23rd copy I can bet it's no less cheesy than the first 10 she got.
  • Porcelain and glass figurines: Do I really need to give an explanation on why this might not be a favorite gift to receive? 
In speaking with a few teachers I know I did get a list of items they really LOVE receiving. 
  • A handmade card or drawing by the student.
  • A gift card to a local spa
  • A movie night
  • Eating out gift card
  • A gift that fits their likes, personality, hobbies IE: do they scrapbook, then a Hobby Lobby gift card, do they sew? then Amy Butler fabric, do the cook? Then a cookbook or cook's gift basket, etc. 
  • And my mom's favorite gift, a gift that she can re gift.  (I only kid! )
Now here's some more awesome and inspiring gift ideas that I'm sure any teacher would love to receive.

I'm loving this Pencil Vase bouquet of flowers.  It says teacher without saying teacher and it's handmade which is an added bonus, very inexpensive, and gets oohhs and awwws

Almost every teacher I asked said they love handmade cards, drawings, notes and this adorable Flip Album covers them all, what teacher wouldn't love to receive something so personal filled with pictures to hold on to memories for a lifetime.

Goodies are always a treat to receive but this Cookie and gift card Can is a double treat since it's homemade goodness with a gift card tucked inside!  I'd love something like this for sure.

The top answer for every teacher I asked said money was their favorite gift.  Class room decor and most supplies come out of their own pocket so receiving cash gifts that they can use for the classroom is very appreciative.  Most of us in today's economy can't really afford big cash gifts especially if you have 2 or more in school but pooling together with all the kids and parents of the class and making this awesome Money Book could be the answer you're looking for.  And if not then browse the other awesome teacher gift ideas over there too.

And here's a cute way to dress up homemade goodies with this Yummy Bread stamped up and handmade card to go along with it.  You could also easily tuck in a gift card in the box like with the Cookie Can.  And to me this is a classy way to decorate with apples or teacher themed items without screaming cheesy or gaudy!  So stinking cute!

That's Dream Book for you, what are you doing this year for teacher gifts?  We plan on homeschooling so I won't have to do this but I just may have to make myself a gift or two to show myself my own appreciation when that time comes. So if you home school, whip up some cookies and take your self to the spa!  :)

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Happy Monday Ya'll.
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