Wednesday, August 11, 2010

Yay You Did It

Well it's time for another round of Yay You Did It where readers have taken something I've done and did it for themselves. 

We have a few more cake decorators on our hands from my Decorating Cakes with NO Stress Post and I'm telling you each one that is done and sent to me is so unique and amazing and makes me want to give up my diet and dig in! 

This one comes from Dawn over at That Girls Deals.  Dawn made this beautiful strawberry topped barrel cake for her son's birthday.  What a great mom!  Doesn't this just make you drool all over your computer!

Hollie sent me her version that she did for her bookclub one night. I wish I was in a bookclub, that always sounds like so much fun and a great way to meet people, maybe I should find one here!  Anyways back to cake listen to this, she made a 3 layer white cake with buttercream frosting, and mint choc chip ladyfingers to go around the edges. Then she dipped strawberries in choclate and and put them on the top!  I know I know, we all just gained 5 pounds just thinking about it!  Needless to say her girlfriends loved it! 

This one is made by my fellow blogging buddy over at Cut Or Copy And Paste.  She had done one before and sent to me but didn't stop there, this is her 2nd one and it is to die for.  Well anything that's pink and brown and I can eat in my book is to die for! She made it for her friend for her birthday. She was originally going to add a strawberry ribbon around the cake with just plain Piroulines but couldn't find the ribbon anywhere. Instead, she found this great chocolate brown and pink ribbon so she made the cake to match it. She colored Wilton white chips with a couple of drops of my Americolor Neon Pink Gel Paste to get the pink. It really is very simple to make this and the procedure is VERY forgiving. The layers actually split in the middle and she "glued" them together like I showed in my original post with chocolate icing. She also piped icing out of a bag along the inside of the Piroulines to make the cake level. When she put the strawberries on top, you couldn't see the repair work. BTW, the Piroulines can be found at Dollar Tree which makes them super cheap!

So have you made one yet?  If not you better get busy and watch your family and friends oohh and aahh over something so easy but so stunning! 
Happy Hump Day Ya'll.

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