Saturday, August 14, 2010

Blogmania Dream Team 2011

This group of bloggers is an excited group of people that will proudly support advertisers and sponsors. That will also interact, get involved and support each blog’s growth by following, commenting and re-tweeting each other’s endeavors!  Does this sound like something you'd be interested in?  Do you want to be part of a UNITED Blog team?  Grow and prosper?  Gain a following of readers and develop relationships?  Then this team is for you too!  We'd love to have you on board and give you our support and gain you as more than a fellow blogger, gain you as a friend.  Let me know if you're interested and I'll be glad to share with you the wonderful and amazing opportunity that Gina, Bree and the Dream Team will give you.

BLOGMANIA is now accepting applications from and recruiting some of the most talented people in their respected blogging fields to sign on as BLOGMANIA blogs for APRIL and /or OCTOBER 2011 EVENTS. If accepted you will be one of just 200 elite bloggers – THE BLOGMANIA’s APRIL 2011 DREAM TEAM!

Entry Fees (paid within 7 days of acceptance to secure membership):

April – $59

October – $99

Apply now for both – and, if accepted, pay only $129!

In 2010 – Bloggers worked hard to promote BLOGMANIA as an event. In 2011, BLOGMANIA is going to work hard to promote 200 bloggers – the official BLOGMANIA 2011 DREAM TEAM. You are essentially hiring Parking PR Online to promote this great group of bloggers as we work together to grow!



EACH BLOG will host a page with the list of the April 2011 Dream Team – that’s 200 do follow links for your blog!

EACH BLOGGER will have behind the scenes resources, support and other tools to make this a successes!

EACH BLOGGER will follow all 200 bloggers on twitter and will host a twitter list of the dream team twitter accounts.

EACH BLOGGER will send out a Facebook announcement announcing their membership on the dream team and link back to their page on which the the Dream Team list is hosted.

EACH BLOGGER will have the ability to sell 125×125 ad spaces for the APRIL and OCTOBER 2011 calendar months. More information on this as requested or accepted into the dream team.

EACH BLOGGER will receive help from PPRO and the BLOGMANIA Team Leaders with getting sponsors, building their giveaway theme, promoting, as well as any tech questions.

EACH BLOGGER – excluding BLOGMANIA Team Leaders – will have the chance to participate in DREAM TEAM ONLY promotions, contests and giveaways throughout the year. You will also be given first dibs to work opportunities that come in through PPRO, as well as commission opps and advance notice of all PPRO monthly promo events with first dibs at slots at a discounted rate.

If you want to secure your slot now:

TO APPLY: COPY PASTE and FILL OUT the following application and then email it to Gina Parker at with 2011 DREAM TEAM APP in the subject line. Please send this application from the email you will use as your main contact email if chosen for the DREAM TEAM. Remember, we are limited in numbers and looking for talented and serious bloggers – please follow these instructions correctly if interested in being given a good look.






ADDITIONAL COMMENTS: (sent from Shayna @ Texas Monkey #9)

Thank you for applying. We will contact you shortly if you have been accepted for an immediate slot. Please read that acceptance email carefully as, by sending your MEMBERSHIP FEE, you will be legally agreeing to it’s terms. We may notify you that you have been placed on our wait list. Do not be discouraged – we are planning to cover several niche areas and due to the number of slots available may have to wait list some blogs at first while trying to cover all areas. Wait listed bloggers unable to join April’s team will have first dibs for openings on October’s team – before we go public with open slots.

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