Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Dear So and So

It's time for our weekly therapy session with Dear So and So......
What do you have to say this week?  Let it all out my friends.

Dear Tuesday,
Not sure why you felt the need to make me feel like it is Monday.  I for sure thought today was Wednesday but you slapped reality in my face real quick.  It's humid and gloomy out and I'm behind on my work and well you are just as bad as a Monday and for that you can go suck it! 
Love, Me hating Mondays and Tuesdays now!

Dear Self:
When you put on your calendar a time and date for a meeting please know ahead of time that you will not remember the details of said date simply by looking at the calendar and to please provide more details like who's the meeting with, where are you suppose to go for the meeting, what's the meeting about.  You know kind of key details would be nice.  Just sayin if you can't recall where you put your keys and phone on a regular basis then what makes you think you're going to remember that? 
Love, So frustrated with you!  Eat some fish oil or something!

Dear Retarded Buggies at the Grocery Store,
OMG ya'll suck big time!  First I love how I always find the ones that are locked together for eternity yet still in the line up screaming pick me pick me pick me!  Then after I've tugged and pulled for 20 minutes I finally get tired and give up and move on to the next one only to pick the one that has something incredibly gross on the handle leaving me with crap on my hands.  After digging out the sanitizer and moving to the next buggy I stumble across the one with a broken seat.  AWESOME.  Finally I find the gem in the rough and grab what I think is a winner only to get into the store and discover it needs a front end alignment in a bad way.  I make my way back to the carts grab the first one I see make a dash to get my shopping done to find I have the sqeaky wheels!  Screw it I'm just going to go home now! 
So not loving any of you. 

Dear Monkey:
First of all quit being so dang cute and 2nd of all please please please for the love of Momma's sanity can we please listen to anything else in the jeep besides "MY SONGS?"  Momma can only take the wheels going around the bus so many times in a day.  And because you're so sweet and cute when you ask to listen to your songs, it's hard for Momma to say no.  But for realz, momma needs some George Strait or Kenny or heck I'd even take Justin Beiber at this point. 
Love you!

Dear Readers:
If you haven't yet check out my new link up party on Monday's called All About You Monday, I really want to get to know you more so link up a craft or project you've been working on or link up a post on this week's theme, Are You Ready For Some Football and be while you're there enter the party kickoff giveaway!  Thanks for showing me love and support and let me know how I can repay! 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll.
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