Monday, August 23, 2010

All About You Monday

I've been working for a while now on a new and fun MEME or link up.  I go back and forth on whether or not to do one as there are so many already out there and then I have the Debbie Downer in me that says no one will link up, it will be a bust, you'll embarrass yourself, what are you thinking, no one reads this anyways.... I really need to let Debbie drink more, she's more fun with wine in her. :)  After a lot of back and forth I decided to go ahead with it since I've invested a lot of time and energy into it and because I so want to develop friendships and get to know my readers more. 

Want to know all about it?  Well I want to know all about you so that's where this is derived from.  I sometimes do an All About Me Monday post, for journaling purposes and to let my readers know a little more about me but what I really want is to know more about my readers and so was born "All About You Monday, Show Share & Tell with Texas Monkey"

Texas Monkey

So what exactly do you do?  Well we will start next Monday so I'd love it if you repost and spread the word and grab my button.  Each week will be a different topic which you'll receive the week prior. 
If you've read any on my blog then you can quickly come to the conclusion that my blog is a Pot Luck sort of a blog with a little of this and a little of that and everyone brings something different to the table to make it great.  Well that's what this MEME will be, a little crafting, a little story telling, a little showing off. 

AND since it's a craft DIY type of blog first, no matter what the topic of the week is, if you have a project you want to show off then I want to see it linked up.  If you have both a project and the topic of the week post then link both up. 

It's not a follow me follow back link party but if you're checking other link ups out and like what you see then show them love and comment or follow.  There's really no rules I just want to get to know you and see your talent and let you show off your life!  However I will do giveaways at times and the only thing you'll have to do is link up and follow my blog to be entered. 

I've got some fun topics scheduled like How did you and hubby meet? What's your favorite room of your house? Show us those Prom pictures! What project do you need to finish?  What's your talent? Show Off Your Stores, and more but if you have suggestions or ideas please send them to me. 

Next week to kick it off we're doing Are You Ready For Some Football!!!!  With football season kicking off I thought it'd be a fun topic.  So what do you post? 
  • What are your tailgating traditions
  • Who's your favorite team or player
  • Have any football crafts you want to show off?
  • Do you play Fantasy Football?
Anything that has to do with football Show Us Share with Us Tell Us!  I can't wait to show you what I made.  And of course I've got a fun giveaway to kick it off so don't miss it.
I hope to see you at the party. 
Come back here and link up on Monday, August 30th.

Happy Monday Ya'll.
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