Thursday, August 5, 2010

Ladybug Birthday Party - Decorations and Banners

Are you getting sick and tired of seeing red and black in my posts yet? :)  Thanks for humoring me, I promise just a few more and I'll be done and then we'll get back to normal blog posts next week.  Like Dear So and So, Talkin Tuesdays, Yay You Did It, Dream Book, Tutorials, For You Friday, and More.

Today I want to show you more in detail the decorations, the banners, signs, and the printables we used.
First decorations:

I didn't have a very big budget for this party but I did have a very big room to decorate.  I knew that the Sweets & Treats Table would add lots of color and decor to the room but I'd still have lots of filler left.  My go to decoration for most parties is the tissue paper flower pom poms.  I think we had about 15 or 20 big ones hanging from the ceiling this year.  I did them in red, black, white, and green. 

We mainly just hung them over the tables. 
We also had about 50 balloons blown up with helium and tied a few to buckets in corners and let the rest just float the the ceiling.  However the a/c was blowing and blew them all to one corner. :)

Remember when I asked for your opinions on centerpieces?  I got some great ideas so thank you.  For the food table I just opted for glass vases filled with green tissue paper and some red flowers.

The cupcake stand that I made was the centerpiece for the Sweets & Treats table. 

The food table centerpiece was inspired from Amy Atlas and one of her pieces.
We stopped on the side of the road by the rodeo grounds and found some big twigs, I took a ladybug tutu that I'd made my niece that my Sister In Law sent back to me to use, and made smaller versions of the flower pom poms and hot glued them to the twigs.  I really love how it came out.  

I made 3 banners which were all done using my cricut.  The vinyl sign I designed and had printed and shipped via vistaprint. 

I also designed circle cut outs and ladybugs with my computer and cricut and hung everywhere.

The Favor bag tags, thank you tags, waterbottle tags, and cupcake toppers all came from one of my sponsor's Little Mel's Zoo.  The matched perfectly and I printed and cut them out to use everywhere.

Stay tuned for the Food Table, and then the summary post and I promise that will be it!  Thanks for bearing with me. 
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