Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Ladybug Birthday Party - Games, Prizes, Favors and Favor Bags

Today I want to show you the details and pictures of the games and favors from the LadyBug Party.  If you missed the previous posts you can go HERE to get caught up. 

Instead of party hats I did Ladybug Balloon Animal Bracelets.  The kids really enjoyed these!  They were the perfect addition to this theme.  The birthday girl got a special one.

It's kind of hard to do games in my opinion at this age and keeping in mind that there are all ages at the party, from newborns to about age 10.  It took me a while to decide on the 2 games, I put way too much pressure on myself.  Kids really don't care they just want to do something and if they're going to win something then they are even more into it.
For game 1 we played LadyBug Ball Toss.  I drew and painted a ladybug on posterboard then cut out felt circles in 3 different sizes and adhered those to the ladybug.  I also added strips of velcro to the spots.  Then I took balls and wrapped the strips of the other side of velcor around the balls. The kids then tossed the balls and tried to stick them to the velcro/felt spots.  The larger spots were worth 1 point, medium spots were worth 3 points, and the smaller spots were 5 points.  I think the kids would have stayed here all day playing this game if they could have.

The 2nd game we played was pin the spot on the ladybug.  Just like pin the tail on the donkey.  I painted a ladybug on poster board and left the spots white instead of painting them black.  Then we took black cut out circles to fill in the spots with.  Oh and if you ever play this game, don't forget to bring a blindfold. :)  I took off my flower bib necklace that I made and used that, the kids laughed at me. haha.


Of course we gave out prizes to everyone win lose or draw.  I decorated a little bucket up and got trinkets and toys from Party City.  I had to laugh because one of my best girl friends from my childhood thanked me over and over for the tooting horns as her son played it in her ear.  That was awesome.  Your welcome moms! 

For the favors I made homemade ladybug crayons and placed them in match boxes that I spray painted black and decorated with a sticker.  This was easy just took me some time.  I did ladybug sugar cookies, ladybug bubbles and the girls bags got lip gloss and the boys got a bouncy ball.  I placed shredded green paper that I shredded with my paper shredder in the bottom of the bag to resemble grass and then put the favors in and used a baggie favor tag to decorate it. 

In the Ladybug bucket were ladybug jokes I found on the internet and rolled them up like scrolls.
Hope you enjoyed looking at the games and favors, I've got lots more to show you.

Stay Tuned For More Ladybug Party Posts
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