Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mom Made Shops Link Up

For all those amazing moms that make things for us to enjoy and purchase then I have a great link up for you!

Bree over at BreeBee's is a great PR site that is willing to go the distance and work for you. 

Why Link up your store?

Bree will host a guest post 3 times a month (minimum) so you can really show of your work and other links (1st come 1st post)

Under her resource tab you can provide a paragraph of helpful gems to help other’s grow their business along with your links!

This mom made shop list will be referenced often to generate awareness to YOUR business!

During the holidays she will offer cash giveaways to the winner’s shop of choice out of the list!

This link up will remain in place until after Mother’s Day 2011! What better way to promote mom made shops then to do it until Mother's Day! 

She will tweet and facebook broadcast and blog blast about this list!

Her blog receives a lot of traffic as a mom and PR promoter

The cost to be on this link up is $5. (This would fit under advertising expenses, keep paypal receipt for tax purposes).  Wow $5 for advertising through Mother's Day 2011, that's a steal!

Email Bree at breebee dot com with any additional questions. If you link up without paying you will be removed from the list…sorry.

Also let her know if you are interesting providing a guest post which will kick off Sept 13th!

Head on over and link up your business and gain exposure, PR, advertising, and meet some other amazing moms along the way! 
You know Texas Monkey is linked up and I'm offering Back To School Specials.  Enter Code BackToSchool to get Free shipping and 10% off all orders now through the end of September.  Need custom orders in school colors?  Just send me a message and you'll still receive the discount. 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll
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