Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dear So and So

Dear Texas Weather: You SUCK!  I love you Texas like a fat kid loves cake and I prefer being hot to being cold but there is a limit ya know!  And I have reached my limit with you and your heat.  I laugh in your face at a cool front meaning 95-99 degrees.  I spit on you at 24 days of triple digit heat and I shake my fist at your trying to break records.  Please for the love of all things holy give us some sort of break, some relief, and by break I do not mean 99 degrees. 
So Over You and wanting Fall weather, Me.

Dear Flowers and Rose Bush,
I know this heat is killing you and it's killing me watching you pant for water.  Momma is trying to keep you alive and will do what she can for you with her brown thumb!

Dear Lady at Target:
So you obviously had a bad day.  I realize how frustrating it is for people to not watch where they are going and bump into others, I get it, it sucks. And I will be the first person to complain about these un-observent people!  But I also get that sometimes you're running after your kid or looking at your list and you just step in the wrong place at the wrong time and nearly bump into someone.  Yep that's what I did, looked down for a half of a second but continued to walk and got in your way causing you to have to stop.  When I looked up and realized what I had done I felt so bad and looked right at you and said "OMG I'm so sorry, I hate when I do that."  I assumed you were frustrated but was expecting you to say, that's ok.  Nope, you rolled your eyes at me and said "Whatever."  So for that I'm not sorry! 
You suck and I'll be keeping my eye out for you and will cram my buggy into the back of your heels.
Kidding ya'll but I will think about it though.

Dear Monkey:
Please stop being such a Poppa's girl.  I get that you love your Poppa but you don't have to shove it down my throat.  If momma asks for a bite of your sandwich you can just say no, you don't have to say no and say you want to give Poppa a bite.  If momma asks for a kiss you can just say no, you don't have to say no but run and give Poppa a kiss.  If Grams asks if you want to take something to Momma you can just say no, you don't have to say no and pick out something to give to Poppa.  Yes I realize that Poppa thinks it's funny and cute but Momma doesn't so give me a kiss already!

Dear Football Season:
I Heart You So Much!  I'm so ready for you and all the time we'll be spending together.  I hope my child doesn't grow too much or change too much during the next 4 months because I might miss it by being with you.  And Cowboys I love you more than I hate the Texas heat so please be good to Momma this year and Romo, don't mess it up for Monday Night Football! 
Go Cowboys Ya'll!

Dear Readers:
Ya'll still rock!  Please show me some love and join in on my link party next Monday, All About You, I really do want to get to know you and that's what it's all about.  Ok, now what are you're Dear So and So's? 

Happy Hump Day Ya'll.
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