Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dear So and So

It's time once again for our Dear So and So therapy session!  Do you have something you wanted to say to someone but didn't get the chance?  Let it all out here my friends!

Dear Fellow Co Worker:
Really?!  You couldn't have put away the forks and knives that came in with our office supplies run?  I realize that we were out of knives and not out of forks and so you only needed the knives but since you walked all the way down to the office supply room to open the box that came in you really couldn't have grabbed both packages to take to the kitchen?  No?  Ok, then I guess it was really way too much to think you'd grab the spoons too uh?  No worries, the folks that come behind you will take care of it as usual.  Thanks for proving to everyone why you never move up or get promoted.  You are here for you only! 

Dear Hair,
Seriously, you've got to stop falling out.  I'm starting to get alarmed.  No I'm not pregnant and yes I realize I should invest in better quality shampoo and conditioner but come on already!  It's getting pretty annoying! 

Note to self:
Buy better shampoo and conditioner, oh and stop using the flat iron so much, maybe your hair will thank you by sticking around a little longer.  Okay? Thanks.

Dear Diet Dr Pepper
I can quit you.  I try and I try and I've even lasted as long as a month but I always run back to you.  Please stop taking over my thoughts when I'm not with you.  I really need to learn to focus without you in my life.  You aren't good for me and you should love me enough to leave me alone.  But until then I will be thinking about the next time our lips will meet.  I'm thinking in like 20 minutes, meet me in the break room okay? 

Dear Women in the building where I work.
For the love of God and all things holy, if you wear business attire with sandals or strappy shoes PLEASE make sure they fit.  If your heel hangs off the back or your toes droop over the front then I assure you that you are buying the wrong size.  Nothing makes you look more unprofessional or bigger than you are then having your toes drag near the floor.  Just sayin... Oh and since we're on this subject maybe we could paint those toenails?  You'd look a lot more put together and people probably wouldn't tell you no so quickly to your sales pitch right if they weren't so distracted by your feet.   Come on ladies, let's represent ourselves a little better. 

Dear Readers
You rock, thank you for stopping in to read!  For being so great I want to offer you a Target gift card.  All you have to do is sign up for my weekly fun newsletter at Macaroni Kid and let me know you did or send me your email to do so and you'll be entered in the giveaway.  That's it.  Winner will be announced via our Facebook and on the newsletter next week!

Happy Hump Day Ya'll.
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