Thursday, April 1, 2010

Dream Book Experiment Easter Pops

I've finally gotten around to doing another Dream Book Experiment.  If you aren't familar with what that is I do a weekly post on Friday's called Dream Book where I showcase awesome ideas I'd love to do, ideas I think I can do someday, just not today.  Then when I get around to doing one I blog about it in a post called Dream Book Experiments like this one here.
Anyways, last week I showcased Easter and Spring ideas and you may recall seeing these awesome little Easter Pops.
Well I just had to make something like this for Monkey's Easter party tomorrow at school and so here is my version of Easter Pops.

First I cut my Rice Krispy Treats into Egg shapes using a metal cookie cutter.  I didn't have an egg shape but I had a few circle shapes so I just kind of shaped a circle one into an egg shape since the metal is bendable.

I then inserted popsicle sticks into the bottom.

Then the most important step and ingredient, dipping them in chocolate.

If I were making these for me I would have just stopped here, oh who am I kidding if they were for me I would have just grabbed a spoon and ate the melted chocolate like it was cereal but this is for adorable toddlers so I wanted to make the eggs adorable.
I used striped icing and decorated them and added colored sugar sprinkles.  YUM O MY GOODNESS.

And don't worry I'm sending grapes and cherry tomatoes too to help  balance out the sugar rush the kids will have.  Feeling a bit sorry for her teachers LOL.

Here's a little teaser of a tutorial coming to you soon, stay tuned.

And I leave you with a picture of Monkey saying cheese while eating cheese.  Happy Thursday to you.

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