Monday, April 26, 2010

Me Monday- Anniversary recap

Monday is upon us once again like a little ninja sneaking up on us and attacking without any warning.  Pesky little Monday.  But on the bright side Monday means it's Me Monday where I share all about me.  I enjoy getting to know about the writers of blogs I follow and want to provide that to my readers.  Helps me keep it real and honest in here ya know!

Today I want to write a recap of our anniversary celebration. To this day we both still remember where we went on our 1st anniversary, where we ate, what we wore, and what we each ordered.  It was that good!  We even discussed this on Saturday while enjoying our meal.  I know that as we get older my mind won't remember such details and that's why I love blogging, it allows me to always remember. 

My show was over at noon so Poppa came and helped me break down and load up.  I had a few errands to run so he beat me home.  When I pulled up I went to the mail box to check for bills mail and saw Poppa off to the side of the house getting the water hose out.  Since we never use that thing I had to ask what he was doing.  He said I'm watering our love fern.  Our what? Our Love Fern?
There in my flower garden and by flower garden I mean the area that is suppose to be for planting flowers but only has overgrown bushes because while I can craft and cook and bake and decorate I can not keep a silk plant alive let alone a real one, but anyways there in the flower garden area all the overgrown bushes were trimmed down and fresh soil was planted and right in the front was a beautiful yellow rose bush planted and ready to be watered with love.  Our Love Fern! 

 If you read last Monday's Me Monday Post then you learned that yellow roses are my favorite flower.  I was named an official yellow rose of Texas by the Gov Mark White of Texas when I was younger and I carried them in my wedding bouquet and every year on our anniversary Poppa sends me a dozen.  Here's this year's bouquet.

So imagine my surprise when I pulled up to find my very own rose bush that I get to take care of and enjoy the fruit of more than just once a year!  Oh and if anyone knows anything about keeping a rose bush alive I'd love some advise, you know how often do I water it, does it need special food, what about in the winter do I cover her up? OMG I'm going to stress over this little thing daily so any help would be greatly appreciated.

Back to our weekend, before we left the house I gave Poppa his birthday present which was a new leather office chair which had Monkey sitting in it with his gift from her, a big box of golf balls. 
Since Grams was in town, we headed to our hotel for the night and got settled in and exchanged anniversary gifts.  Now I had already received my roses and the rose bush so wasn't expecting anything but of course Poppa is too good to me and got me a spa package so I can get my nails and toes did and get a massage which I'll use in a few weeks before my girls annual trip to the beach! 
I got him a few things that I will blog about in a different post because a lot of my readers gave me feedback when I asked for ideas and I want to share what I did that you may find a good idea for your hubby some day.
After the gifts we headed to Texas De Brazil. First of all if you're a red meat lover like we are then this place will blow your mind, if your Vegan or Vegetarian then you probably won't find it as amazing as we did.  It's a little on the pricey side but the atmosphere is warm and welcoming, dim lighting and perfect for date night or an evening relaxing with friends. 

We started out at the salad bar.  Wait! A salad bar at a fancy Brazilian steak house?! Well this isn't your average run of the mill salad bar, this salad bar is a big sqaure island with organic and fresh and exoctic items to choose from on all 4 sides.  From fresh mozzarella to sushi, from goat cheese and brushetta to asparagus, from every mushroom under the sun to grilled shrimp.  This salad bar was divine!  It also had a hot bar with lobster cheese bisque soup and scalloped potatoes and black beans and rice. 

Once you're ready for your main course you flip over your card on your table and men carting around every meat known to man swarm your table and carve you off a piece to enjoy.

We had lamb chops, leg of lamb, top sirloin, garlic roasted sirloing, bottom sirloin, bacon wrapped filets, bacon wrapped chicken, roasted chicken, ribs, sausage, flank steak,  and pork chops.  My favorite ws the top sirloin, it was so rich and meaty and just melted in my mouth, they were all good but that was my fav.  It's served with garlic mashed potatoes and fried bananas to help clean the palate.  We ate and ate and ate some more. 

Once you're done, turn your card back over and they stop coming to your table.  It was so fun.
Since it was our anniversary we were given champagne to toast with and yummy cheesecake.  Oh I have to tell you we were eating our dessert and Poppa sees the sausage, he didn't get any when we were eating meat so the guy brings him a clean plate and he ate sausage and cheesecake, I laughed so hard, he was so afraid he'd miss out on something good.

It was perfect, we retired to our hotel suite and enjoyed sleeping in the next morning!  I really enjoyed our 8th anniversary and just can't get over how much sweeter each year is from the one before. 

Oh I know I went way over my 2-3 minute post so I'm sure I lost most of you about half way through but if you stuck it out, thank you for reading. :)
Well that's Me Monday
Happy Monday Ya'll.
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