Wednesday, April 7, 2010

April Fool's Follow Up

I had a lot of responses and emails sent to me regarding my April Fool's Post of ideas and I love how ya'll shared with me what your plans were.  I thought ya'll might get a kick out of knowing what I did to Poppa last Thursday. 

Originally I really wanted to get up early and cover all of the car windows with post it notes, a follower of mine wrote that idea to me, I'm hoping she did it and will share it with me.  But I was in no mood to get up any earlier than 5am which is when my alarm clock screams at me so I opted for a different route. 

I posted a detailed for sale post on Craigslist listing our Volvo for pretty cheap.  I gave all the specifics of the car and listed Poppa's phone number to contact.  I set the price low enough so others would respond to it but not too low that it would scream SCAM or PRANK.   After I published the post though I was concerned no one would respond by the end of the day.  That would suck big time since I had no back up plan to go to.

Well 15, yep 15 minutes later I receive an email from Poppa stating, "You think You're Funny uh?"  I just responded with "What are you talking about?"  I didn't hear anymore from him until we got off work and on the drive home he received 3 more phone calls.  I laughed so hard each time that phone rang.  He had been getting phone calls all day long.  One of the callers is the one that told him someone just pulled a prank on him, he was thinking it was a typo in the phone number listing.  So he went to the post and figured out the wifey pulled one over him.  It was greatness, he continued to get calls through the evening and in his class that night.  I finally took the post down the next day but I still chuckle every time I think about him having to explain to the potential buyer that the car isn't for sale, just his wife thinks she's funny.  AWESOME SUCESS! 

Oh and side note most of the callers were very cool about it, got a good laugh, but there were a few that was pretty upset that the car wasn't for sale.  That's what's so great about this prank, not only did I get Poppa, but got every caller that fell for it.  I RULE, he can't handle THIS!

So did you have success with your pranks?

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