Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Dream Book Experiement #1 Pinch Proof Shirt

I completed my first Dream Book Project, I should call them experiements because it certainly is by trial and error on some of these little babies.  If you're new here, I do a weekly post where I blog about projects, recipes, ideas I want to do someday, my own little Dream Book, things I'm sure I can do someday just maybe not today, you can see my first post here on it. 
So here's my first Dream Book Experiement

I've seen the Pinch Proof shirts around the blogs like here at That's So That's So Cuelgy and here at LuLu's Tiles and on some online t-shirt stores like here so I thought I'd give it a go for the monkey.  I had my awesome sister in law over at Bree Bee's Binkies and Boxes cut me out the words Pinch Proof on her cricut since I don't have one but oh so want one and she mailed them to me.  She rocks.  I then drew a clover for the front pocket and a larger one for the back of the shirt on freezer paper and cut them out.   First I tried using the spray paint fabric paint and well that just ended up in a big mess.  I'll need to start a crafts gone wrong label. LOL.
One hot mess of a messed up shirt

Once I had the correct supplies it was easy peasy, just use fabric paint, iron on the freezer paper and paint.  Be sure to paint from outside in so your paint doesn't run up under the paper. 

Front of the shirt

Back of the shirt

Of course I had to make her some adorable tutu leggings to wear under her pink skirt sinces it's still a little chilly here. 

My monkey all dolled up in her St Patty's Day gear complete with made to match Ultimate Bow.

And here's my beautiful niece wearing her St Patrick's Day bow all ready for dance class, isn't she the most precious little ballerina!!!

Happy St Patrick's Day everyone!!

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