Saturday, April 10, 2010

Dream Book Furniture Edition #1

It's Dream Book time once again, I really enjoy dreaming of actually doing some of these amazing ideas I find and feature.  Really anything that involves me getting to sleep I enjoy.
I'm really digging this week's Dream Book ideas as it's all about furniture.  I hope ya'll find some inpsiration and ideas to fill your home with too. 

Like did you know that you could make a Table out of a door like Poppies at Play did with an entertainment stand door.  So cleaver.

And she even used the other remaining door of that entertainment stand and turned it into a Towel Rack seriously folks, that's how you go green and chic all in one step.

And I bet you'd never guess that the beautiful hutch below started out as a Gun Rack would you?  But the crafty sisters really know how to spot a diamond in the rough.

Ya'll have got to go over to Rose's blog and show her some love, she's new to blogland but not new to blowing trash to treasure out of the water like she did here with this set of Chest of Drawers, I know many little girls that would love to have these in their room.

Take a look at this Armoire by The Clever Chic, man is she a BEAUT or what?  By the way am I the only one that when saying the word "Beaut" tries to say it in an Autralian accent?  I'm not really sure why but it just seems to sound better in an accent, and have you ever heard a true Texan, I mean born and raised in small town Central EAST Texas try to do ANY accent other than Southern?  UMMMMM yeah it isn't good, not good at all.  Anyways back to the Beaut, wiping off the drool now.

I would be willing to bet that most of us have one of these type Two Tiered Tables that has been passed down from our grandmas but if yours is like mine it lacks character and is hidden away in the garage.  Well Infarrantly Creative shows us that just a little TLC will spruce it right up!  Love it!

I've been searching garage sales and craigslist for the perfect buffet/sideboard to add to my dining room collection and although I've been striking out in my find I didn't strike out in finding some eye candy to dream about at Primitive and Proper and her Beautiful Sideboard.  Oh how I'm green with envy loving what she did with this piece.  I've got to keep searching and find one for myself.

And last but not least is this unique Sheet Music End Table that just screams pick me up and take me home with you!  Ok little table I will take you home with me, well maybe not you but go find one like you and redo it to look like you. 

Man the ideas and creativity that these ladies share with us in blogland, so amazing.  I've got a few pieces in the garage I need to work on, but I think I'll spend a little more time just day dreaming first. 

Happy weekend to my awesome readers!

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