Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Featured, Funny, and Dear So and So

So one of my pet peeves in blog land is when a blog I'm following posts 4-5 posts a day.  It's a sure fire way to get me to remove them from my Google Reader so that it doesn't get all jammed up.  But I also like to keep posts organized and on schedule and posting about more than one topic in one post kind of bugs me.  Not on other's blogs but doing it myself. (Yes I know I'm a little OCD) 
I don't think 2 posts is too many, but I don't want to annoy my readers either with one too many.  So what do you do?  Seperate posts or various topics in one post?  Tell me your opinion and in the mean time I'll fill this post with various topics. 
Let's start out with Dear So and So (Post it Notes Tuesday)

So got any Dear So and So's?  Then head over to Supah Mommy's Meme and link up

I'd also like to give a shout out and a thank you to a few bloggers who featured me this past week.
Thank you to The Thriftiness for Featuring My Bookshelves Buitl For a Toddler

Thank you to Bird Crafts and to Under The Table and Dreaming for Featuring My Monkey Birthday Party

And Now I leave you laughing your booty off because laughter is medicine to the soul!  I got this from my sister in law and it's a little long but so worth watching to the end!

Happy Tuesday and don't forget to give me your opinion on multiple posts within one day or various topics within one post. 

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