Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Trash to Treasure

Let's talk trash to treasure today.  I'm a lover of finding thrifty pieces of trash  furniture whether it's hand me downs, on the side of the road, garage sales, whatever your poison, there are many places to find thrifty pieces to revamp and turn EWWWW into AWWWWW!  Some of my favorite blogs I follow focus on this very thing, Better After, and Inrarrantly Creative's Roadside Rescue Party are just among the few where you can find some great ideas. 
I don't get to do this often as we don't have a truck to load up furniture in so my furniture redos are on the smaller scale.  But someday I'll beg Poppa convince Poppa we need a truck.  In the mean time I'll learn from watching others and practicing on my little revamps. 

About 4 years ago we acquired this dark cherry, very poorly put together Queen Anne wanna be coffee table.  It was nothing fancy but got the job done AKA became a bed for Maximus.  Yep my pup insisted on laying up on the coffee table.  We have since taught him that the coffee table is not a place for a dog to lay but back then he did. 

Isn't that sweet, even showed the Monkey how to do it.  Yeah she's since been taught otherwise too.  But of course I had to take a picture of it before I told her No, I mean what kind of blogger would I be if I didn't get the good, bad, and ugly? :)

Anyways you can see all those scratches and way to cherry color and well just no character to it table right?  So it was time to upgrade and by upgrade I mean buy one from my neighbor's garage sale and revamp it too, but that's for a later post.
Well the old tabel became a place where I'd spray paint and work from out in the garage but it was killing my back because it's so low so I was about to trash the piece of trash when I had an idea.
Love all the paint splatters?

So I ran to Hobby Lobby and grabbed these supplies.
Wrapping Paper that would match my bedroom colors
Wooden Letters that spell our last name
Brown craft paint
Modge Podge because I was out, um who runs out of Modge Podge?! 

Got home and started working on turning the trash into my little treasure.
Here she is before in our of her paint splatter glory

First I removed all of the legs and screws so that I just had the flat table top to work with.  I then painted the edges and the letters brown.
Then I modge podged the wrapping paper right on to the top of the table and cut and sanded the edges so make it smooth.
Once it was dry I just glued the letters to the table and hung that bad boy up on my never ending white wall. (If you haven't heard me complain about my white walls let me insert complaint here, (we lease our home, I hate having to paint a wall, then move out, prime and paint it back white, it's a big pain in my booty, so I paint one or two rooms in the house and dress up the rest with colored art, ok complaint over)
It dresses up this white wall nicely, and I still need to get a few more accessories to add to make it pop but I wanted to show you this piece now. 

I love the crowns on this paper, it's so me. :)

Since I had the modge podge out I went ahead and made these as well.  Just 12 x 12 boards with scrapbook paper. 

I look forward to getting the rest of the accessories to finish the room and show you the whole thing. 

So what projects are you working on these days?

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