Friday, April 9, 2010

UBP 2010

Ultimate Blog Party 2010

Hi Ya'll, Welcome to my little corner of blogland, Texas Monkey. I'm so thankful for the ladies at 5 Minutes for Mom for hosting such a fun filled blog party. I'm really hoping to meet some wonderful folk here over the next few days.
Gab your cup of poison, coffe, tea, mine is Diet Dr Pepper and sit back and enjoy the party.
I even broke out the fine china for this party.

I love my followers and so humbled by each visit, comment, and email. Although it certainly helps motivate me to blog, if no one ever came here I'd still do it. It's such an awesome release for me and helps me keep track of goals, inspiration, tips, ideas, and projects. Meeting you along the way is just the icing on the cake. Speaking of cake, you might find my post HERE about decorating cakes without the stress a bit useful at some point.
Feel free to click on the button at the top called About Me to find out probably more details than you'd care to know about me and mine. But just to give you a tad bit, I'm from Texas, born and raised and I carry a lot of state pride. I say Ya'll and Yeehaw and fixin a lot. I am married to my teenage sweetheart Poppa
 and together we have a 20 month old little girl, Monkey.

She's the reason I do most things these days and since I love Texas and she's my Monkey, well Texas Monkey was born. I have a store/boutique called Texas Monkey Boutique where I make and sell all kinds of accessories for little and big girls.
Between working full time as an accounting specialist, my store, my husband aka Poppa, and Monkey I stay busy but I find the time to keep this blog up and going as I said before it is such an outlet for me.

I like reading funny blogs, blogs that provide DIY Crafts or Tutorials, blogging tips, any blog where the writer keeps it real. 
I blog mostly about DIY crafts and projects, redoing furniture, parenting, tips, recipes, parties, and at times new items in my store. I do Thursday's Tutorials and I paticipate in many weekly blog parties which you can find under the Friends and Fun Tab or to the right under Party Fun. I do a weekly post towards the end of the week called Dream Book, it's a feature of ideas I've come across in blog land that I'd love to do someday, something I know I can do, just may not have the time today. When I do try my hand at one of those ideas I feature I then post it under Dream Book Experiments. Mondays I reserve to blog about Me, I call it Me Monday.  I try to keep it real, honest, light and funny. I guess it's pot luck of a blog, little of everything. 
Some posts of mine that you may find a good read or enjoy looking at are:

TuTu Leggings for Your Little Monkey

Witty Pregnant Comebacks

DIY Bookshelves Perfect for Toddlers

Funny Random Thoughts
So that's a little about me and my blog.  Thank you so much for stopping by and I LOVE LOVE new followers and if you let me know you've followed I will follow you back.  I LOVE LOVE LOVE comments so I do my best to comment as often as I can on blogs I follow.  Hope to see you back soon. 
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