Thursday, April 15, 2010

Thursday's Tutorial - Flowered Collar

Today I want to show you how to make this adorable ruffled flower collar which I added to Monkey's Easter Dress to jazz it up a bit.  I've gotten lots of emails requesting the how to so here you go!  Ask and you shall receive, my lovely readers!

You may have seen this already, I came across a picture of an A line dress with this type of collar and of course now can't find, story of my life.  I also can't find my uber cute sunglasses, my favorite flip flops, and my key card to get in my office after hours.  So please bear with my mommy brain for now.

I started out with a hand made A line dress, it came out cute but I wanted to do more to it.

Other Supplies Needed:
Material: For the material I'm using shot cotton in cream color (you want to use a light weight fabric)

Take your material and cut them in about strips.

Keeping the strips folded, cut half into 3 inch squares (you don't have to be exact with this) and the other half into 2 inch squares

Next trim the edges of your squares so that they are more rounded instead of pointed.

We are going to use a 2 inch square and a 3 inch square to make 1 flower.
So begin by taking your 2 inch square/circle and pinching it together at the bottom to form what looks like a flower.

Hold it in place with one hand and simply gather your 3 inch square around the one in your hand and pinch them together at the bottom and work with it until it forms a nice flower shape.

Stitch the 2 squares together to hold the flower in shape.
Continue this process until you have enough flowers for your project.  For this dress I used 20 flowers.

Now gather your dress or whatever you're attaching the flowers to and using your thread and needle and thimble start stitching them on in the pattern of choice.
Add some cute knickers to the dress and there you go!
Now put it on the nearest monkey and watch her be glamorized, messmorized, and accessorized!

These flowers would be cute added to just about anything, tank top, skirt, wreath, purse, shoes.  So have fun making you or your monkey these flowers to dress up with. 
And as always if you do this send me pics so I can showcase you.

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