Sunday, March 21, 2010

So Easy Peasy Wall Art

I saw an awesome idea in the Lowe's Creative Idea magazine and it was on their website at one time but now I can't seem to find the link to share so my instructions are not going to be as clear but I'll do my best.  It's also flying all over blog land  like the chalkboard project and according to A to Z you're not official decorating blogger unless you do the chalkboard project and I think this falls in that category too. Ok not really but it's so worth doing it.

Materials Needed:
A Rubber Door Mat with scroll work design
MDF Boards or canvas
Paint (In color of choice for the background)
Spray Paint in color of choice for accent

Lowes used the MDF boards and I was going to go and buy some BUT I was out hopping to garage sales and someone was selling these large canvases for a buck each, um how do you pass that up?  I've had these in the garage for months wondering what to do with them and decided what better way to make easy art than to make free easy art!!  So I gathered my large canvases and you can take one look and see why they were only a buck right?

Then I painted my canvases black and let them dry.  Then I laid my rubber mat that I got at Home Depot for $9, the only thing about this one is it has curved edges on one side, I'd prefer to have straight edges but wasn't willing to pay $19 cause I'm cheap frugal like that.

I used white spray paint and my awesome spray paint gun attachment and spray painted the mat and canvas.  A little tip to note is to spray from directly above and not sideways so that it doesn't get underneath and run.

Afterwards remove the mat and squeal with excitment that it actually worked and then hang on a blank white wall because you rent and don't want the hassel of painting only to have to prime and paint back white when you move out, or on a colored wall, whatever floats your boat.

Oh and I totally used Funky Junk Interiors Tut on how to resize photos to get a size in between L and XL like this last pic here.  Love learning new tricks on blogging. 

So go try this easy wall art idea and I'd love to see your creations, the color combos are endless.

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