Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Happy St Patrick's Day

Well the Day is upon us, are you getting pinched today or are you pinch proof and wearing green?  If not then it might be a little too late but if you're anything like me you're always seeing ideas and saving them for planning for the next year so this is my little posts of ideas to do next year for St Patrick's Day. 

I really wanted to make these to take to the monkey's class today but she's been home sick with a virus and well momma did good to make her a bow so we did not get around to this but next year for sure.

Simply Designing posted this yummy recipe and idea for Rice Krispy Treats and well I think it's just too cute.

I love the block letters and wood letters but have yet to do any cause I'm a slacker like that but Craft Rookie is no slacker and her Lucky Letters are just dolled up and make me swoon.

I love the idea of playing tricks on your kids or co workers or husband and usually save that for April Fools but I think as monkey gets older I'll get into doing more little tricks and tell her to watch out for those little lephercauns as they're sneaky and do things like tinting the milk green or hiding their shoes but I'll also need to school her on some tricks that she can pull on her friends that won't get her in trouble either and this Tricky Game from Family Fun is perfect.

And of course I was busy making St Patty Day bows and tutus for my awesome customers, so next year if you need one you'll know where to look.

I can't wait to post pics of the monkey all dressed up in her Green from today, so check back later.  But here she is from last year.  Just look at those cheeks, makes me want to pinch her evern though she's pinch proof with green.

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