Monday, October 26, 2009

Blah To Yeah Baby

This weekend I tackled many of my to do projects.  I still have a gazillion and one to do but it's a good start. 
1st off was fulfilling bow orders, the store that carries my bows ordered some Christmas ones already, and then I had a few customer orders.  I also worked on my niece's lady bug costume, and monkey's snow white costume, and rootin tootin sheriff costume.  I'll post pics of those when they get done, the lady bug is done I just need to take pictures.  But here are a few pics of a few bow that were done.

I finally tackled my bench project. We were given this awesome table and bench by our fellowship coordinators, got to love plurality giving in the household!! I use the table as my crafting and sewing table but the bench was quickly becoming a catch all and not helping me support my back and since I've been dying for a bench on the front porch then it just all made sense.  Don't buy a bench, repurpose one I already had, yay me for saving money.  Saving time on the other hand is a different story!! 

Umm does anyone know how long it takes to sand a sealed bench?  A very long time, but after sanding, priming, and 3 coats of paint, I now have my porch bench.  I'm still working on the fall decorations out there so bare with me.

Bench Before

And Bench After

Well, those are my weekend projects, stay tuned for my Lady Bug Costume Reveal, so stinking cute, makes me wish I was a 3 year old little one again to prance around in.  Hope Jordyn loves it.

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