Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Thursday's Tutuorial - Ribbon Toggle Headbands

Ever have a bad hair day and need something cute to make it not look so bad?  Have a child or teenager that likes to wear headbands but those plastic ends hurt their ears?  Want to learn how to make something yourself?  Well if you're tired of me asking questions but your answers were yes then you're in for a treat.  I'm going to show you how to make toggle headbands.  I make and sell these in my store and at shows and I make them for gifts for friends and family.  They are so easy, fun, and add that glam to any outfit or bad hair day.  I've seen tutorials on these where folks are charging and well I can't wrap my mind around that so I want to offer how to for free. 

My co worker so graciously accepted my begging of her to model this for me, isn't she cute.

And here's a very adorable Texas Monkey customer modeling her's.  Ok she's my too cute for words niece but still a satisfied monkey.

First we need to gather supplies, you will need:
7/8 size ribbon in pattern and color of choice
Measuring Tape
Lighter or Wood Burning Tool
2 Hole Bean Toggles ( I purchase mine from Here)

Step 1 Cut your ribbon, I usually cut 28 inches for girls and 30 for adults but sometimes little girls like to have extra long tails that they can tie in a bow when they wear their hair up so I cut about 33 inches for those.

Step 2 Take your ribbon end and roll it to a point like the picture below.

Step 3 Thread the rolled end through one of the toggle holes.

Repeat for the other end and thread through the 2nd hole and it should look like this.

Step 4 Cut your ends to an angle and heat seal your ends with burning method of choice, I use a lighter, but a wood burning tool is awesome too.
You have now accessorized you or a loved one now go be mesmorized with how many you can do and match one to every outfit. 

Here they are displayed at one of my shows.

Here's Me wearing one

And my adorable co worker again.

So go and make yourself glamorized with some or if you'd rather order from me just contact me I sell them $3 each or buy 2 get 1 free. 

Note: A little tip, if you have an odd shaped head that doesn't seem to hold headbands well you can simply add some silicone glue, velvet fabric or ribbon, or velcro to the inside of the band where it rests on your head to help it from sliding.  I personally use Hold It by Duck Tape.

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