Friday, March 19, 2010

Shayna's Dream Book, Someday Just not Today #2

Well it's Friday again, and time for another edition of Shayna's Dream Book where I post links to some projects I think are awesome and know that I can someday do, just not today and when I actually get around to them I blog about it under experiements label like I did here

So here we go, first food, duh, a girl's got to eat.  I love the idea of making homemade pizza verses ordering out and this recipe sounds AAAAMMMazing.

Homemade Pizza and why not turn it into a date night like Love Actually shares here

I know most moms are always looking for ways to make doing chores fun or interesting and I like this idea when multiple kids are involved. Chore Chart for Multiple kids

I think we've all experienced the out of date look of blonde cabinets or at least know some one that has, well fear not, there is a very inexpensive way to update those dreaded Cupboards and make them pop.

I've got a few pillows that need some dressing up, wasn't really sure what to do until I saw these Ruffled Pillow and knew this was my answer.

I know moms who are always looking for fun crafts to get the kids involved with that won't just end up in the trash or stuck in some closet somewhere and this Kids Craft is a must do!  It kind of reminds me of the Family Tree Cake I did for our family reunion, you could add names to those leaves easily to make it more personal or family tree like. 

So there you have this week's Dream Book, what are some of your someday craft ideas? 

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