Monday, March 15, 2010

Shayna's Dream Book, Someday Just not Today

Every day I find new ideas in magazines or the web of things I'd love to make/craft/sew/cook and I usually save them in files on my computer but then I just save the picture and not the link and spend hours trying to find it again.  So instead of wasting time trying to find them again I'm starting a new weekly posting called Shayna's Dream Book and I'll work on spending that wasted time on actually doing a project or two. 

Each week I'll feature some of my favorite DIY projects, crafts, recipes, etc and this way I'll have a journal within reach of things I want to do someday.  And when I get around to actually completing one of the "dreams" then I'll post that under "Dream Book Experiments."  Maybe you'll see something you'll want to try as well.

So here we go Week #1

I love these Cupboard Pictures I really have no more wall space for these in the house right now but as I rotate things, this would be awesome to change it out with.  It also would be an easy gift for the grandmas.

I'm always on the lookout for new easy and yummy recipes that contain healthy foods and this Black Bean Burrito sounds so delish.  My family loves all of these ingredients and the fact that it's meatless is a plus as we're trying to eat more vegetarian type meals. 

I love the all of the different name plaques and signs out there today but I don't like the price tags so this Name Sign is a wonderful alternative, so cute. 

I have so many frames and not enough pictures and a very blah long hallway that this idea would be perfect for so this weekend you might find me Framing a Wall just like this.

This Knock Off Wall Art From Pottery Barn is so cool. I've actually had the Pottery Barn photo saved in my files and working on figuring out how to duplicate it for a while now but now it's been figured out for me and I stocked up on the items this weekend and began, my hand is so sore from punching out squares, this is a very long project but I'll get there.

This adorable St Patty's Shirt was just the idea I had in mind when thinking of doing something for the monkey.  I can't wait to do mine, already have the stuff for it. 

I can do a basic stitch on my sewing machine so doing this Ruffled Shirt would be perfect for me to try.

So this is my Dream Book for this week, I need to get busy.

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