Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Yay You Did It - Round 6

This week I recieved 2 more cake creations from you awesome readers.  Ya'll doing these has gotten me motivated to make another one.  I'm thinking of doing one for Poppa for Father's Day this weekend.  I think I'll do another one with the cookies and fruit this go around.  But that chocolate sure is calling my name! 

The first one comes from Monkey's first babysitter, Brianne.  We love her and she loves Monkey so of course anything she does I think is great.  She made one for the kids and staff at the school her daughter attends.  She said they LOVED it!  What's not to love?!

The 2nd one comes from one of my awesome readers, Tracy.  She made this one for a friend and she said that she really loved it. I love tht she used Peanut M&Ms.  See how different you can make each one!  She also said that she's wanting to try one with the cookies and strawberries later this month so I can't wait to see that one too! 

How fun are these cakes?!  Have you made one?  I'd love to see it and showcase it.  Be sure to grab a button ladies. 

Happy Wednesday Ya'll.
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