Friday, June 11, 2010

For Your Friday - Gift Ideas For Dad

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Today's For Your Friday is ideas for Father's Day gifts that kids can make at home with things you already have or for very inexpensive at the local dollar store. 

Sometimes children just don't understand the concept of giving to their parents on certain holidays. And sometimes buying a tie or another coffee mug just doesn't hit the spot for good ole Dad. So I've got some fun and easy gifts that kids can make for Dad this year for Father's Day.

  • Keepsake Handprints - Simply use ordinary flour dough, which you can make at home then have your child can press their hand print into the dough. Put a name and a year on it, and then bake for several hours. Now you have a great gift for dad for Father;s Day that symbolized that particular year in his child's life.

  • Handmade Cards - Definitely the easiest craft for kids to make is a card. You can just use construction paper folded in half to make your card, or you can print out pictures from your computer, glue them onto the card and color. A nice Father's Day gift that kids can be proud of.

  • Decorate Picture Frames - Use picture frames from discount or dollar stores and have your kids use various paints and glitter glue that you already have around the house to make it unique and special. They can write messages like #1 Dad, Happy Father's Day, Best Dad in the World, and on top of a great treasured gift for dad it didn't cost you very much money!

  • Hand-print T-Shirts - Use a plain t-shirt, all the kids in the family pick a color of fabric paint and paint their hand with it then put their hand-print on the shirt. Mom or older siblings can write special messages on the shirt, as well as put the kid's names under the prints.

  • Fun Coupons - What does dad need and want? Maybe his weekly chores done, a clean car, give the dog a bath, his pick for movie night? Well, he can get all that and more with homemade Father's Day coupons! You can print them off your computer and have the young children color them.

So are your kids making something for dad this year? I'd love to hear all about it.
Happy Friday Ya'll.

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