Monday, June 14, 2010

Me Monday - Talkin Tuesday

Well here we are again on Monday, a day I just don't want to embrace or be exicted about.  I sometimes feel bad for Mondays, they just get no love.  BUT something I am excited about and do want to show love to and am hoping you too will embrace is a new link up to help us get to know one another better and to help look at the good in life.  I know I can always be reminded to find things to be thankful for and to do it while getting to know you better is even more exciting.  So I'm happy to bring you 2SDAYS hosted by Bree Bee's, Texas Monkey and Ten Talents.

BreeBee’s 2 Link Ups Tuesdays

What is this 2SDAYS besides another link up and another MeMe?  Well it's more than just that. 
This is a fun, DOUBLE-link up, where we get to know a little about each other AND follow our new friends.

If you've followed me for a while or at least read my Friday's posts lately then you probably know that I am really interested in developing friendships not just gaining followers.  I want to interact with my readers, know what's going on in their life outside of blog posts, and want to inspire them to want to know me more.  So this linky party will be just that, a way to get to know our fellow bloggers, maybe even get inspired by their happy thoughts and combine link ups so we can utilize other days for those fun posts!
So what do you need to do?  Well come back here tomorrow of course and link up!
To link up

  • Write a new post on your site with 2 things that you are thankful for, a happy thought, or something good that happned to you in the past week.

  • Then link up to 2 links (or just 1 if you prefer) of your blog url with the 2SDAYS post (not just your main page), twitter, facebook, etc... on one of the hosts sites, updating one McLinky will update all the lists.

  • Grab a button for your post, I have two sizes for ya'll.

  • Follow the first 3 hostess slots

  • Visit and follow as many blogs, twitters, and facebook pages as you'd like leaving lots of comment love.

  • Have Fun!

So what are two things you are thankfulfor? What are 2 happy thoughts that got you through the past week? 
Come back tomorrow and link up your post and feel free to spread the news so others can join in.  Remember this is about getting to know you as reader and letting your readers get to know you. 

Oh and if you're a regular reader of my blog and a fan of Dear So and So's, don't worry they will still be posted, moving them to Wednesdays now. 
Happy Monday Ya'll.

BreeBee’s 2Links Ups Tuesdays
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