Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dear So and So is Back!

Wow 2 weeks without Dear So and So, you know I've got some built up!  Here's my little weekly therapy session.  Have something you want to say to someone but didn't get a chance to say it to their face?  Then here's your chance!

Dear Construction Zone and Workers:
I do realize that your job is hard, hot, and heavy and that you work long hours with little down time.  But when you fail to reopen the lanes prior to DFW 5:00 traffic and turn the interstate into a billion dollar parking lot then I have no sympathy for you when cars drive by and honk and give you the finger.  You already make 6 lanes worth of cars go down to 2 lanes, so you can imagine the frustration of all of us.  Don't look so offended.

Dear Trash Workers:
Again I realize you have a rough and hard job.  Smelly trash, horrible weather working conditions, no respect, etc.  But is it really that hard to put the trash can back in the area of where we are told to leave it for you?  Must you leave it right in the middle of the driveway blocking my entrance to where I have to park in the middle of the street, get out and move it and then pull in?  Really!?  Really?!  Really?!  You are leaving me with no choice but to make our trash extra smellly this week.  Ok not really but I sure thought about it!

Dear Worker that works for Poppa:
Wow!  That's all I can say about you.  I realize that you are only 22 and going to be a young dad but life happens and it's time to man up.  I was floored that you approached Poppa ( a man that is all about family, being there, and loving them) and asked him to lie for you to your pregnant girlfriend and tell her you had to work and couldn't make the sono to find out what ya'll were having.  If you are wanting to get out of things and asking people to lie for you this early on I can't imagine what kind of father you're going to be in 5, 10, 15 years.  Seriously people is it that hard to be there? 

Dear Inner Tube:
I'd like to introduce you to my big butt.  You two will be seeing a lot of each other this weekend so be nice and get along.  No embarrassing flip overs or anything like that on the river.  Let's just chill and relax together and have a good time.  That is if the hurricane and storms don't mess up your encounter.

Dear Hurricane Alex:
Could you please just stay way out there in the ocean and not make land fall?  We all have big plans this weekend and want to enjoy the 4th of July.  No one likes a party pooper and you were not invited.  If you must make land fall could you stay down South with our Amigos?  Sorry Mexico, just sayin'.

Dear Dude that insisted on talking during the National Anthem at the ball game:
Dude you have no class and it's so frustrating to see American's not giving America respect but demanding it from visitors.  You sir deserved the booing that you received and so much more but I'm a lady and a lady shows class even though I wanted my country self to come out and whack you upside the head.   

So what are your Dear So and So's for the week?

Happy Hump Day Ya'll.
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