Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Yay You Did It - Round 4 and Thank You

I have to admit that lately my inbox has been filled with many awards, personal emails of why you follow me or something that you thought I'd enjoy and I can't explain in words the way it makes me feel.  My purpose in blogging started out for family who didn't live close by to be able to keep up with us and I moved the family blog and kept this one as a way to meet and develop new friendships and that's exactly what has happened.  I could take the blog down a different path and try to make money or get stuff for free but that's now what I want.  I have other endeavors I'm trying to make money at. This blog, it's about me and you. 

Did you know that I don't even charge for my advertising slots?  Nope, if it's a blog or a company I truly believe in and think my readers will benefit from then I put it up there. So that's why there's only 2 up there.  I may add more down the road or change how I handle it but for now I have it set up like this. 

Did you know that when I do the giveaways that I do which are few and far between that it comes out of my own pocket?  I think of things I think my readers, my friends, might enjoy and go buy it to offer up.  No one pays me, it's my way of repaying you.

Sure I sometimes "envy" those big blogs that have thousands of followers or make money but when I get an email or a comment or a picture of something you've done because you were inspired by something I wrote then I'm instantly reminded that I'm here for you, I'm here to make friends, I'm here to inspire and be inspired and that envy is melted away. 
So thank you to each and everyone of you that listens, that reads, that comments, that emails, and that tries their hand at something I've made.  You make blogging worth more than any amount of money! 

Now on to Yay You Did It.  Don't you just love being enticed and teased with yummy goodness on a Wednesday morning!? How do you think I feel when my inbox gets filled with calorie goodness after calorie goodness? And you know I'm dieting so don't be surprised next week if Dear So and So really goes off on the diet. But we all love eye candy and at least it's calorie free until I run home and make myself one or two.

Kenzie from 9 O'clock Dance of Joy helped throw one of her girlfriends a bridal shower and when she saw my Decorate Cakes with No Stress Post, she of course did one for the bride.  I can't tell you how much I love the colors and the way this cake turned out.  It is stunning and looks like she picked it up from a bakery.  Just beautiful Kenzie.

Kenzie has got some great crafting posts, beautiful girls, and lots of fun over at her blog so please go tell her what a great job she did on the cake and see what else she has to offer her readers. 

Have you done something you saw here, maybe the key fob, tutu leggings, a cake, send those pictures in so I can showcase you. 
Again, thank you for being such awesome readers and for coming on this journey with me. 

Happy Wednesday Ya'll.


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