Monday, June 7, 2010

Me Monday - A Mac Kid

Have you seen the Macaroni Kid Logo around blog land lately?  You may have at least noticed it at the end of my posts lately or to the right of my sidebar.  Well since today is Monday and that means it's all about me, I wanted to share something with you that I'm so excited about and kind of need your help with. 

I’m sure you’ve heard me talk about my desire to become a SAHM (Stay at home Mom) or WAHM (Work at home mom). My heart is to be close to my monkey and spend the days with her instead of at my desk and she in daycare. Don’t get me wrong, I love my job, and love her school. I love what she’s learning and the friends she is making but I want to be a part of it with her. I think both SAHMs and moms that work outside of the home have a tough job, neither is easier or better, I just have been a working mom and now it’s time to work towards being an at home mom.

So to help me achieve this goal I of course started Texas Monkey Boutique which has been doing wonderfully but just at a place to allow me to do it full time and stay at home. To help me get their quicker I have decided to add another endeavor to my resume.

I am starting a new venture called Macaroni Kid. It is a free weekly e-newsletter and website that lists all the upcoming happenings and events for kids in and around North East Dallas. I launched my first newsletter two weeks ago and will continue to use Thursdays as the day when my newsletters will be emailed out.

As a new mom, I found it difficult to find out about so many of the great events that go on in my community without having to search all over and I think that my new newsletter will be a huge help! The newsletter is free and we have a privacy policy in place (we don’t sell or give away names or email addresses).

So this is where you come in for help. I’d love to add you as a subscriber to my little newsletter. The more people I get to subscribe for this free service, the better my chances are at gaining paying advertisers, free vacation offers for my subscribers, and more, thus allowing me to become a SAHM or WAHM if you will. I want to continue to help my family out financially and my goal and desire is for this adventure to allow that.
This week I'm running a giveaway, free movie passes to the movie of your choice just for getting the most subscribers.  Pretty easy and we all love the movies!

I realize that not everyone may live in the NE Dallas area but I know a lot of us travel to the Dallas area for mini vacations, shopping, eating, etc so this can help you as well. And if you live too far to visit then maybe this will be incentive to come see me. :)  If anything you will have access to ideas to look for in your own community as well as great parenting articles, tips, ideas, crafts, recipes, freebies, and fun giveaways.
At the very least you’ll be helping me out by being a subscriber.

And if you aren’t in the NE Dallas area but think this is something that your area would benefit from then talk to me about it and you can start your own little website and become a publishing mom like myself.

If you have a business and looking for some really cheap advertising rates and want to know exactly who your target audience is, then please talk to me about it. I am targeting parents with children ages newborns through high school and moms and dads who are the decision makers in their households, so if you advertise with me there’s no wasted time or money on readers who aren’t with children. Make sense?

If this is something you don’t mind helping me with, just put a yes in the comment section and I can add your email to my list. Or simply go to the Sign Up page and enter your info. Again, nothing will be shared with anyone or anything. And when it is emailed to you on Thursdays, all I ask is you click through it, maybe visit my site every once in a while.  And this week you'll automatically be entered into 2 giveaways.

Also I know you know many parents and I would love your help spreading the word to them! So feel free to forward this to every parent you know. J

I don’t want to take up any more of your time and I apologize in advance for the multiple blog posts, tweets, and facebook posts you are about to see from me but in order to get this off the ground and get me to be a SAHM I’ve got to get the word out. And remember it’s totally free.

Thank you for your help and also know that you can submit tips, recipes, and more and if I feature yours you will win a great prize! 
I really appreciate your help, I know we all get tired of the vote for me posts, and tag me, and follow me, and subscribe me, but in order for some of us to meet certain goals it takes the whole village to help us get there.  And I love my village of readers!  So if there's something that I can do to help you in something you are passionate about then please let me know so I can begin to repay the favor to you. 

Happy Monday Ya'll.

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