Thursday, June 10, 2010

Looking for Party Products Printables Store

I am interrupting our normal Thursday Tutorial schedule in order to help me find someone who does party product printables that I can order from. 

By the way, doesn't my niece make the cutest little ladybug!

Yes I know that there are about a million and 1 on Etsy, Ebay, and the internet but I want to see if any of my FAB readers have their own store or know of someone that the would recommend.  You see my readers help me out in so many endeavors that I want to use their talents before I enlist that of a stranger. 
So what am I needing? 
Monkey's 2nd birthday party is coming up on July 31st and Ladybug is the theme this year.  I was really trying to go with a ball theme as she seems to be obsessed with balls and balloons but just couldn't find any inspiration to make that theme work.  Of course I'm open to ideas if you have them for a ball themed party but until then we are doing Ladybug.  You see I have her 1st 5 birthday parties planned out already.  I figure after she turns 5 she can pick her own themes, until then Momma has dibs.  I refuse to do anything comercialized like Disney or any other characters.  I know that will change after she turns 5 so until then I have the banned.  Also when I do a party I refuse to pay for anything I feel like I can do myself.  You can check out my monkey themed party if you don't believe me. To me that's a part of being a host, knowing your own hands "created" it.  So a few things that I just don't have the programs to make are:
  1. Water Bottle Labels
  2. Cupcake Toppers
  3. Napkin Ring Wraps
  4. Favor Tags
Feel free to leave a comment here or email me at
So are you planning any birthday parties soon. 
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