Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ladybug Party - Centerpieces

As I continue planning and prepping for the upcoming birthday party next Saturday I realize that I have not planned for centerpieces.  What the heck is wrong with me people?  Yeah I don't know either!
But seriously I need help with ideas for centerpieces.  I'm thinking I need 2 maybe 3 maybe 4.  Last year I did ribbon topiaries

Um have you ever made one of those? They are very neat and get lots of compliments but take FOREVER and I would have needed to start on those bad boys eons ago. So um no. Next.

I of course want it to look FAB and pop and make a bold statement and on the larger scale on size but I am cheap frugal so it needs to be budget friendly. 
I thought about making something like this but in red and black colors but those little styro balls are pricey and that will take a while and I need something a little more time friendly.

Cute though!?
Then I thought about lime floral centerpieces but I can't make those until right before the party and let's face it I'm running around like a chicken headless now, can you imagine moments leading up to the party so yeah um No, next.

So Pretty though!
Then I saw this idea and thought hey, that's simple, easy on the budget, makes a statement but need about 2 weeks to grow the grass so that one's out.
And I don't even know what this is but I likey!

Ok, yes I know what it is, it's tree branches in a container with tissue flowers and I do love it, HMMM maybe this could work although it's 115 degrees outside and I don't have a tree in my yard which means I'll have to venture out to find some and I only have one container like that ok I'll keep looking.

This is kind of cool.  Why yes my friends that is a jello filled vase centerpiece. 

I do love the idea of using tissue paper as filler and Lord knows I have it coming out of my well you know where. 

Don't have tissue paper?  Just use cellophane.

Or How about coffee beans?

These are all so pretty and unique and fun but just can't seem to find what I'm looking for. Any ideas or suggestions? 

Happy Tuesday Ya'll
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