Thursday, July 8, 2010

Candy Sprinkle Necklace by Texas Monkey

For Thursday's Tutorial I want to share with you how to make Candy Sprinkle Necklaces.  A girl can never have too much jewelry or shoes in my opinion.  They are staples in fashion and in my wardrobe and no matter how blah I may be feeling or how up and down my weight may be, I can always shop for shoes or make jewelry and immediately feel better.  I was in the middle of filling an order for bottle cap and scrabble tile necklaces and thought, man I really need something different to offer even if I just do it for gifts or for fun.  The next few weeks I would browse sites, aisles of stores to try to have an Ah Ha moment only to come up short.  But one day when I was decorating some cupcakes for my daughter's school it hit me, Why not make candy sprinkle necklaces!  And so it began and now I want to share with you how you can make your very own to share with your friends, your daughters or yourself. 
First thing is gather your supplies.
Materials Needed:

  • Envirotex Lite

  • Candy Sprinkles

  • Candy or Ice Cube Molds (Must be silicone)

  • Bail

  • Ribbon or chain necklaces

  • Super Glue
 If you notice in the pic I tried the plastic molds, these do no release the Envirotex so use the silicone only.  I chose to do hearts with a mixture of color sprinkles and stars with red, white, and blue sprinkles in light of Memorial Day and July 4th coming up.

Start by mixing your Envirotex Lite according to the packages directions.

Next just pour your mixture into your molds and then sprinkle your candy into the molds with the mixture.


Now is the waiting process, you'll need to let it set for 72 hours so that it hardens. At that point, you're just going to pop them right out of the molds.  File the edges to be flat and smooth if needed.


Take your bail and super glue it to the back of each candy sprinkle charm.

Simply string your necklace through the bail and stick a fork in you because you're done!  Real easy uh!  I used a ball chain for the star and colored ribbon necklace for the heart.

Now go find someone to give this to and watch them squeal with delight.  Or better yet adorn yourself with one and watch people try to figure out how you made it. 

Hope you enjoy making these.
Happy Thursday Ya'll
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